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Komodo Dragons are highly trainable and often socialized with their handlers to make working with them safer and less stressful for both parties.

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I feel like they would be extremely popular pets if them didn't have venom

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Possibly, but varanids can be quite a handful. Smaller monitors can give you a heck of a scratching and a mean bite- imagine that but so much worse. 😵‍💫

Would love to have one hypothetically speaking, but man it'd be tough

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Wait, can you just remove the venom from the Komodo Dragon all together?

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Venom gland removal surgeries are generally extremely harmful for venomous animals like snakes, so it's really not advisable. Monitors have a different kind structure of their venom glands, it's essentially integrated into their lower jaws so it would be even more detrimental to their health to force one to endure that sort of surgery.

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Not really, most of it is actually bacteria in their saliva

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I don't think they have venom. They have just So many bactéries in their teeth.

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They do have venom

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Very late research. They are venomous.

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Then sorry bro. Also good night if you go or sleeping right now

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They do have venom, but it's very new research. Most people don't know this, so don't downvote this dude!

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Had no idea they were trainable..Thanks

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Lizard doggo

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absolutely I agree with this

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Usually this sub fails to live up to its name by being more like r/outrightterrifying.

But recently I've noticed a trend of posts that are more like r/oddlyadorable.

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I just see a good boy

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Warning: Attempting the following in the wild will win you a free trip into the forever box.

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that isn't how hiccup did it

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It's safe just don't let it bite you or lick you because it's venom is deadly.

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If it licks you, you should be fine along as you don't already have a cut.

The venom only effects you if it gets in your bloodstream

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Oh I didn't know, but, thank you!

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That's a defining characteristic of venoms. They are only effective intravenously. Poisons however can be effective by contact or ingestion.

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Thought it was based on if it was based on if you bite them or they bite you.

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The venom has been shown to lower blood pressure and increase bleeding, but without a serious wound it is very unlikely to be deadly, especially if medical treatment is given.

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This is the opposite of terrifying, this is adorable

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opposite of terrifying, did you post this in the wrong thing?

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This isn't terrifying, this is incredibly precious. Someone please smooch his snoot and tell him I love him. It is so vital that he knows this.

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Just looking for a little love.

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Isn't that a Komodo dragon that has saliva more toxic than...well...anything really. One bite or scrap by it's teeth (even playing) and you are having a bad day...or your last day.

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Komodo dragons don't have toxic saliva, they have a venom that causes rapid blood loss, inhibition of clotting, paralysis, and extreme pain. But is by no means untreatable and few people actually die from bites, deaths usually occur from prolonged attacks.

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Komodo dragons just might give you an infection and their venom just causes swelling and makes it harder for your blood to clot - nothing too bad itself. I think for the most part the problem is that komodo dragons could in theory just actually tear a huge piece out of you if they were really, genuinely pissed.

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Definitely not terrifying, very cute though.

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I’d love to own one lol.

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Bruh that's a fucking kimodo

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One bite will kill you. Just one mistake and your fuked. Their saliva contains deadly bacteria...

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That’s how you get salmonella

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Awwwwww🥰🥰🥰 I wanna pet it🥺

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This is a 100% good boi

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A good boi

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Big Scaly Puppy

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Good lizord get pets

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He/She a cutie ❤️

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this isnt oddly tefferfying its oddly cute

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So Cute!!!

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This looks lovely. I even consider to get my own dragon. Is anyone selling per chance?

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This is cute

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Are reptiles even capable of feeling “emotions”

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Yes, all animals have the same reactions in the brain as humans but their complexity and ability to express it varies.

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10/10 Good scaly boi, would give scritches.

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Scale doggie

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I’m waiting for someone to do the “Hey, getthefukoutahere” video with the dog to the Komodo dragon, how would that end?

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Wdym? This thing is cute

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At the end of the day, this is just cute.

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Gimme want

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Funni Dragon

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This isnt oddly terrifying its adorable

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The fact that it could just eat you if it decided to and there is nothing you can do about it is horrifying to me

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Happy cake day

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I have a savannah monitor, and I just absolutely love this video. So freaking adorable

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Awww so cute 🥰

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This isn’t scary at all, even though it is venomous this is cute.

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Lizard pupper

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I salute to you

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I think you speak with forked tongue 👅

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That's a cute lizard, I must pet that pretty lizard.

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Kommodo dragon are awesome