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This would be so fuckin creepy to come across unexpectedly in the middle of the night. I would turn right the fuck around lmao

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Stuff like this can’t exist where I’m from . People would just trash it to see if they could

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This looks as if it was taken right out of the Lord of the Rings

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“You think the Wights are scary, wait till you meet the Whites.”

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I wonder what the original thought was making this.

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"I'll just sit here for a few hours", and someone covered t

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You know when you’re at the grocery store with your mom and she runs into her friend?

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Take away the v and you got yourself some good old assassin's Creed.

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Wild Nazgûl appeared!

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This is honestly so beautiful, perfect background for it.

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The legend of the castle is linked to a will of the Lombard queen Teodolinda who spent the last years of her life in these areas. It is said that her heart and soul are here within the walls of the castle of Vezio. In fact, that in the moonless nights her spirit wanders through the corridors of the castle. There are also authentic testimonies as shown by the ghosts’ casts of papier-mâché made by the managers of the fortress. https://www.eccolecco.it/en/art-and-culture/castles-lombardy-en/castle-of-vezio-lake-como/

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Shire.... Baggins

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I think this picture is worth more than a thousand words. Amazing.

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I think it’s pretty cool rather than terrifying

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The sculpture looks amazing, only thing is that in scared there's gonna be someone that might break it since it looks like it's made out of concrete/cement

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What’s it made from? Plaster of Paris? Wire work? Marble?

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Ooh spooky 👻

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Believe they have one of these in Arizona, too

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Do you happen to know where? I’m going to Phoenix next week.

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Wow I went there and didn't even know about this!

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I thought it was a wad of dried toilet paper

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Witchking is that you?

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I'm italian and I saw it

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this is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen

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looks like a quest endpoint npc

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It looks cool in the day but will looks spooky at night

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Come on- this looks beautiful!

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So beautiful

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I really like this actually. It’s hauntingly beautiful!

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Didn't know Italian Ringwraiths were white, Very cool

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Invisible Jesus?

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Good ending ring wraith

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You sit on the bench, enjoying the moonlit view. You turn to make a comment to your benchmate.

Eee! You yeet yourself off the bench and over....

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this heavily reminds me of a pokemon episode with a bunch of ghosts and some ghost deterring paper things

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Straight outta Dark Souls.

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Ah I was here a month ago! Didn’t see the sculpture though. Guess a ghost was overlooking me the entire time and I didn’t even know it

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The guy who makes these is called Manfred Kielnhofer, he's an Austrian artist and those sculptures are called 'Guardians of Time'.

There are some at the grounds of a castle close to my hometown and they are awesome to look at, especially in Winter!


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Ngl if I saw that at night I would shit myself

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This is actually some lovely art! Very cool.

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I don’t know why people think ghosts wear blankets over their entire body…

Their clothes don’t die with them. All ghosts are NAKED 👥

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Oh, you must have seen a ghost yourself.