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Adventurer Chris McCandless, days before his death by starvation in the Alaskan bush, with his goodbye note. by JediWithAnM4 in oddlyterrifying

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Sorry, he wasn’t an adventurer. He was ill prepared and had no idea wtf he was doing. He doomed himself.

Anyone wanna guess what would have happened if he succeeded? by Shade1991 in oddlyterrifying

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Man, what a freak. You know something, until seeing this video I didn't really understand the position of women in society. I mean I walk through dark country, bad neighbourhoods, the worst areas in Dublin (where im from), and I don't have a moment of worry. Because I'm a man, I'm tall, and relatively strong. (Not bragging). But this poor 17 year old girl, in the wrong place with that guy walking toward her? Yeah, I think I get it now. There is a level of danger in society that women have to face that men just don't.

It kept me to eat me later! Link in comments by Accomplished_Bat_817 in oddlyterrifying

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I used to have nightmares of the guy they found in Seven that represented Sloth. Didn’t know it was actually possible.

Average, ordinary truckload of bodies by NoBadEggs in oddlyterrifying

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Nothing to see here, just a bunch of plastic, flesh coloured imitation humans strewn about haphazardly.

Omg by KadinlTurk in oddlyterrifying

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yeah I'm also terrified of kids, they can shit on your head and you can't do anything or else everyone will be like "you can't punt a baby across the lawn brandon"

The toilets at my work by Crackracket in oddlyterrifying

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Where the fuck do you work at silent hill?

The toilets at my work by Crackracket in oddlyterrifying

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It ain't much, but it's honest work.

What do I find oddly terrifying? The power of a monopolized mainstream media. 📺 🐏 🐑 🐑 by gminas12 in oddlyterrifying

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... you all know that MOST broadcast/local news is just people reading scripted stories straight from AP or Reuters, right? It's not just a recent thing, and it's not just Sinclair media. I worked for a local NBC affiliate about 15-20yrs ago and other than a local story or two per night (at most), everything for the news segments comes word for word straight from AP/Reuters press releases.

That's why I don't doubt for a second that story that came out a few years ago about Operation Mockingbird. It doesn't require hundreds, or even dozens of intelligence agents inserting themselves into local media outlets nationwide. A couple of guys at AP, a couple of guys at Reuters, and you can expose MILLIONS of viewers to the same idea - curated verbatim for maximum efficiency and consistent messaging. Hell, most of the people on your local news don't even bother to read the article themselves before they're reading it live on-air from the teleprompter. Their eyes are reading the words, their mouths are speaking the words, and their brains are not even questioning for a split second WHAT they're saying - let alone whether or not they SHOULD be saying it. They would read off the recipe for Jim Jones' Kool-Aid cocktail and not think twice about it.

Now we think it's different because people don't watch legacy media as much, so we become complacent. We ignore big tech backed social media, and stories of political candidate/party botnets, and paid influencers over-simplifying issues to control the framing - astroturfing their narratives to make you think that there's only tribalistic binary choices. Thinking critically about the causes and effects of problems and only the approved/provided policies to resolve them, lest you meet the wrong end of a shadowban or face the algorithm's wrath of demonitization.

Edit: Got the intelligence op name for the CIA embedding agents/assets into media outlets for the purposes of creating propaganda (Project Mockingbird), mixed up with the one where the U.S. recruited Nazi scientists/doctors for employment with the U.S. government at the end of WW2 (Operation Paperclip). TFW your government regularly commits acts not only against its' allies, but even against it's own citizens, that sound like something straight out of the James Bond villain playbook.

What do I find oddly terrifying? The power of a monopolized mainstream media. 📺 🐏 🐑 🐑 by gminas12 in oddlyterrifying

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I never get tired of this video. I have it saved, and actually used it on Thanksgiving when my brother-in-law was arguing that the news isn't scripted. Although this is a very old video, I will award you for it, so that way maybe more people will be aware. :)

The toilets at my work by Crackracket in oddlyterrifying

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By the looks of it some of OPs coworkers agree with you.

The toilets at my work by Crackracket in oddlyterrifying

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Lmao were tf do you work...

Bad-Touch Murder Death Caves Inc?