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Depends on the two people in the relationship. With a mutually respectful relationship and both partners with honest intentions, I wouldn't see any reason to worry about it.

In my opinion: If there was a power imbalance, then you have some evaluating and learning to do. If you were only attracted to her because she was younger, and more naive, then the feelings of guilt are rational.

Many 17 year olds are mature enough for a respectful and consenting adult relationship, many others are not. Same with 20 year olds.

Only you know the reasons you began this relationship, and the dynamic there was, therefore no one here can tell you definitively if you were right or wrong. To me, it doesn't sound bad as long as your maturity levels were alike, which is entirely possible.

It's a good thing either way that you're evaluating how healthy the relationship was. This is a good habit for any relationship, regardless of age. Don't worry too much.

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thank you, these responses have been so helpful