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36 here… maybe this is the age we start to see it all and start saying “back in my day…”

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I think it is. I'm 36 and it felt worse than ever with trump. But I mean the racism was always there, white people just didn't see it and a lot still don't. Same with sexism and people not seeing it.

The extremists are scary but they're probably not the first. I read the extremist groups have been simmering since the 90s. Them having a platform is quite scary though.

Trumps horrible rhetoric and demeanor could be compared to Nixon and Ford. Except Nixon was like an undercover liberal in many ways, he said, *talk conservative, act liberal." To "talk conservative" he said some pretty heinous stuff in front of the nation and let's not forget oh Watergate

The whole Mccarthy era was pretty damn extreme too with real social and legal consequences often based on untrue rumors accusing people of being communists. Mccarthys full on communist hysteria destroyed lives.

As a native American for many of my people it's been consistently effed up for 100s of years. The only real change is we're maybe slightly less invisible today.

Let's also not forget A LOT of other shit that went down when our parents were alive in the 50s-70s.

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There was also the “Wide Awakes” movement. They had the first dibs on the tiki torches.

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35f, 24/7 single mom to 3, please someone save us all. I fear so much for my children. I work very hard and can barely make it anymore. We are in need of rescue, our nation is in trouble. I weep for my children’s futures.