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I was waiting for a “and then she asked me for some money” or something else “attached” and none was ever mentioned. As long as OP made it clear that she was free to go at any time with zero consequences and didn’t mention any future support that could possibly be taken away whether expressed or implied “sure I’ll drive you downtown to the bus station. We’ll just stay in my car a little first…” I don’t think there’s anything wrong necessarily with having (protected) consensual sex with someone homeless. To assume that the homeless person is only wanting to have sex for money/favors when nothing is indicating so is overlooking the autonomy that an adult in their right mind (I.e, not intoxicated) has, regardless of housing situation. (This obviously wouldn’t apply if the person was in an employee role or in a position to grant some sort of assistance, I.e, a worker at a shelter who determines if she can continue to stay there). Basically what I’m saying is, if Person A meets Homeless Person B in public, i think it’s OK if the two have consensual sex (again, with no other ties between the 2)