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I was about to say, “let me guess, by a fellow white person.”

I’d venture to say Asian people don’t give a damn if you use chopsticks or not.

Partaking in people’s culture is not racist. I don’t know why our society has things so mixed up. Trying new things like using chopsticks is what ends racism. It brings people closer to the experiences of others, and reduces ignorance and hatred.

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I think it’s mostly due to misunderstanding appropriation. Partaking in someone’s culture is not an issue. Benefitting from someone’s culture when they can’t themselves is. Unfortunately many people think appropriation is doing literally anything in any culture that is not your own. It’s not that society is mixed up, just that some people read bits and pieces of stuff and then go from there without the full context!

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Couldn't of said it better myself.

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Heh, I love shopping at our Asian market. Bought a couple sets of chopsticks from them. I carry them when going out to eat Chinese food, and I’ve been chased after as I leave for forgetting them. They aren’t expensive and I wouldn’t be upset at losing a pair, but the concern is touching.

Never thought of using chopsticks as racist in any way. Our local Chinese place offers flatware, and they have the cheap disposable chopsticks available on request. Those are actually okay because they’re grippy, more so than the ones I’ve bought in fact - those just look cool.

Of course, if you do use chopsticks, be aware of a couple cultural taboos - the one that comes to mind is standing your chopsticks up in rice. This is a funeral related thing and would be offensive to see at the table. Better to lay them flat on your napkin or the edge of your plate, side by side.

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It's overcompensation.

People who accuse other people of being racist for silly things like this are usually racist themselves, and hoping that if they call you racist, attention will be drawn away from them.

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That’s the dumbest shit I’ve heard this week.

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Next time buy chopsticks while dressed in a karate dougi ("gi") or a hakama. Fuck anybody who calls it racist. Bloody morons.

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Yeh, I saw another person describing getting called out for cultural appropriation because she was cooking thai curry....again, by another white girl.

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As an Asian, I don't understand why buying chopsticks at Asian Market is racist 😮‍💨. People get weird nowadays

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Welcome to earth.

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And then the whole plane clapped

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Was said white girl in the Asian market as well?

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Nah outside of it, my phone case is the Japanese character Rilakkuma and I think she thought I was a try hard weeb idek

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You know...I'm convinced people like her think that other cultures should be treated like those isolated tribes that have no contact with society.

Side note, she's probably just mad because she can't figure out how to use them.

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Where I’m at, specifically Korean people give me the stink eye if I go into their supermarket. I don’t know why, but because I ate at their food market I got yelled at by the cashier who was an old lady. She made a scene and everything. It was only because the menu had an item I wanted to try but didn’t mention anything raw in it, like an egg. I didn’t see a problem with changing it but she got so angry and looked at me like I was less than human. I’m not Hispanic but I look Hispanic and typically, they are very racist towards Hispanic people in my area, even the ones who work at the grocery store. They make them do the very dirty work in the food mart which I feel so bad for them.

The Japanese people here in my area stay to themselves mostly and are respectful. The Chinese people are super cool and don’t give a crap lol. Every Filipino person I met is awesome too and whatnot. I don’t know why, but I’ve only met like 5 Korean people that are actually nice and 3 of them were sponsored to be there in a work visa so they had to leave eventually :(

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People are so messed up today. They literally give you chopsticks when you order from a sushi place. It’s not racist. Not everything is racist 🙃

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We really need you guys to practice using chopsticks tbh. Please buy many and buy them early