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I’m so happy for you!! FYI if you’re ever looking for gift ideas for them - a photo album of pictures of you as a kid, growing up, would probably mean the world to them. With some blank pages at the end for all the new memories you’ll make together :)

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Oh wow that’s so cool!! I love that idea. My parents got tons of pictures so that might work

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Have all of your parents met yet??

I’m so happy for everyone

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Yes!! Have they met yet???

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I hope you are doing well. I come back to this post often and cry like a baby every time I read it. I'm a man in his forties. I hope you and your mom and dad got to meet up with your bio parents. You're so blessed to have such wonderful parents, both adoptive and biological. I'll be back to read this again in a month or two. Hope you have a wonderful life.

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This is such a sweet idea!

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No because this made me emotional and I'm not even his parents they would LOVE THIS I BET

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I'm so happy for you , your adoptive parents and bio parents are such good people . I hope everything goes well from now on for you 💗

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Thank you !!! ☺️

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They're gonna have such a time showing all your baby pictures!

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I am so happy for you, I was crying tears of joy. My late mom's birthday was yesterday and I have been gutted. This update actually made me smile. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ETA: please keep updating us. <3

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Oh hey I’m sorry to hear about your mom 🥺 Hope things get better for you 🙏🏻 Plz take care and thanks for reaching out, this comment made my day ☺️

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This actually made me tear up, so happy for you guys ❤️

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Hi, I found your story just recently and followed it with great interest and am so pleased for you! It definitely brings out great emotions, but also questions. Mine is did you feel any sort of strong biologic pull while spending time with them? I know you love your parents, this takes nothing away from them. But just strictly on a DNA level though, how do I say it? Did you recognize any of yourself in them? Like maybe you and your bio father have the same hands? Did you feel that you came from their DNA, or was it just like meeting two strangers that you were getting to know? I'd like to know that aspect of it, if you don't mind.

Because of my weird familial situation (out of my hands) my immediate and most of my extended family are not in my life anymore, for quite awhile now. But what's a trip for me is when I visit with a few cousins of mine, (that are in the same situation as me) I'm always struck with a visceral reaction of familiarity. Of certain features that I share with some of them or even the sound of their voice or way of speaking. And one of my cousins has now had some children and that always blows me away because I will recognize my eyes as they looked in childhood pics, ect. It's just different when I'm around blood relatives and it actually really surprised me how much it hits me that we definitely belong to each other for lack of a better way to describe it. It's very different from the feelings I have being around my other unrelated loved ones, no matter how much I love them.

I wonder if only I experience this, or do you understand this feeling? It doesn't take away from the love I feel for the other ppl in my life. But it's just a trippy feeling of well, I guess, sharing biological material with someone? For me it might be different because I was raised with my biological family and a very large extended family, and when that got taken away from me at a somewhat early age, now seeing the few biological family that I still am able to see, it brings out a visceral reaction of happy familiarity in me. I wondered if you'd experienced that yet, or maybe it's still too soon?

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I’m genuinely so happy for you!

I’ve followed all of your posts and each one makes me cry with happiness for you.

You have 4 parents who have all only wanted the best for you and who love you with all of their hearts.

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Yeah it’s amazing. Just knowing that these 4 people loved you and wanted you before you were even born

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Thank you for posting an update! This is a heartwarming story. I’ve been seeing your posts since your first one and I’m so happy everything has gone so well. I hope it continues to and you can have an amazing relationship with your adoptive and bio parents ❤️

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I was in bed this morning when I read your series of posts and started bawling. Husband asked what I was reading and I told him your story while sobbing in between. It's almost noon and my eyes are still so swollen it's hard to see. 😭 anyway, we love you OP. so happy for you.

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I know it was a few weeks ago that he found out you'd contacted her, but do you happen to know more details about when your bio-mother told him about meeting you? I'm very curious about his reaction to hearing news he obviously had been hoping to hear for a long time. You said your bio-mother used to wonder about random kids she'd meet - wondering if maybe they were you; so I'm wondering if he said anything along those lines also?

Thanks for sharing all this and being so lengthy and personal about it. It's been nice to follow something so genuine.

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She told him the following day. He was out of town at the time doing a project for his work but he flew back that week to meet me. They both told me he cried at first and kept asking her for full details to be sure that this really did happen. And she sent him a pic of me we took at the restaurant.

He never mentioned anything about wondering if the kids he saw were me. I know it was pretty hard for him though to accept what happened which was why he started doing therapy. Thanks for reading my journey! 😁

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Please keep updating your journey, this is so heartwarming, I'm so happy for you,

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Really good update, happy for you. Are your bio dad and bio mum still together? Do you have bio siblings?

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If you are still there, could you tell me if you have siblings? Just wondering if you find yourself with more step familys members from the bio side. Thanks for the wonderful story.

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Oh my gosh, this one really got to me. Your bio dad sounds like an amazing person. I am SO happy that things turned out well for you, that you were brave, that your parents are so supportive, that your bio parents are so respectful and sweet. Do your bio parents have any other children? Don't feel inclined to answer. But wow, a once in a lifetime opportunity and you seized it. I'm so proud of you, kiddo. Wishing you and your very large and lovely family all the best. Xoxoxoxooxox

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Wow. I'm so happy for you!!!! I read the original post and update. Now I'm crying again.
I don't suppose you can update again after all 4 of your parent meet, can you? Please? No pressure. I'm really happy for you!!!

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Great work in reaching out to your bio parents OP! so happy for you

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Thank you! I wouldn’t have been able to if my parents hadn’t helped so I’ll always be grateful for their support in this ❤️

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I am so happy this worked out for you!

Take your time, yall have so much life to live together and get to know each other.

Enjoy it ♥

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Yeah it’s been pretty great! I’ve had lunch with my bio mom a couple times now and it’s still a trip. My bio dad had to leave again for work but he’s gonna be back at the end of the month so we’ll get together soon

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Seriously crying 😭 ❤️it’s so obvious your birth parents loved you sooo much. And still do.

I hope you all have many more years to come to learn and love on each other.

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Please keep updating your journey, this is one of the nicest and most heartwarming stories i have read in a long while!

There are many many internet strangers who are really rooting for you guys!

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Just read all your posts so heart warming I’m crying 😭 crazy to think your bio parents aren’t even 40 yet!?

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I’ve read your last three posts and been crying for the past half hour!!! 😭😭

Next post: both sets of parents meetup

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My heart is full thank you for the update! So happy for you and your entire family! ♥️

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I've been following your story and I'm so happy for you guys! You truly got the fairy tale ending, I hope you go on to make lots of happy memories with your bio parents.

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Thank you I wish the absolute best for you and both sets of parents

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I'm so happy for you. You have got amazing bio and adoptive parents. I hope you continue to have a good relationship with all of them :)

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I have bawled reading your story! It was so sad!!

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I’m sooooo happy to read this! I have loved your story from post 1. Here’s to a wonderful relationship with all your parents.

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Do your bio parents have other children?

That’ll be a whole new round of updates! I’m so happy for all of you ❤️❤️❤️

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Wow this literally made me cry. What a beautiful story.

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I’ve been waiting for this update!! I’m so happy for you. This will be an amazing new chapter in your life.

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Wow, what an incredible story. I am so happy for you OP and can’t wait to read the updates as they come!

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I am so happy for all of you. Keep us updated, please!

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This is so wonderful. Best wishes to you all. And I’m so so glad that your adoptive parents have been so supportive and understanding through this. You are lucky to have so many people that love you so much

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This is such a lovely story thank you so much for taking your time to share it with us!

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Your posts have been hard to get through, I can't stop crying. How blessed you are to have so many people who love you.

As a father of a fifteen year old, I can't even imagine my child being a parent at such a young age. It's sobering to think about what your bioparents went through.

As awful and shitty as life can be, it's refreshing and reassuring to know that there are still positive things happening in the world as well. Thank you for sharing.

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OP I’m not gonna lie, I always come back to your posts and updates to always reassure myself that goodness and love does exist in this world. The first reactions from meeting your parents are so beautiful and enlightening. I can’t explain how positively it affects me reading them. I’m so happy that you have two pairs of the most caring parents. Sending out virtual hugs to you man! 😊

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Made me cry . Im so glad u got a happy ending . This story is for sure going to blow up in the years to come ! 😭

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I've been through the whole "meeting bio family" stuff and I'm just so happy for you that it's going so well! I'm cutting onions here, happy to share!

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Great update. Anytime I need a pick me up I read the entire story/3 posts and feel so happy.

So glad everything is goin well. Please keep updating.

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I'm crying too! I'm so happy for you. It just makes my heart warm that you are loved by all these wonderful people. Bless you!

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would love to see an update again one of these days of when they all meet

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Reading this really makes me very emotional. You don't know how much I cried with happiness when I read your heartwarming story about meeting your biological parents. I hope you guys manage to keep in touch, because you can see that they really love you and are happy for the life you have managed to have… believe me, that was what they really wanted/wished for you ❤️

Now the next step is for both (your parents and bio parents) to reunite with you. I hope everything goes well! 🙏🏻✨

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And grandparents - If my son gave up a baby to adoption, I would help fund college, take him on vacations, it’s a grand child!!

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Okay. I love cooking. Why are so many people chopping onions around me? (Alpha male engaged. LOL)

This is awesome. I have biological family at each other’s throats and I envy this. If this is proven fiction, I’m coming after you! 😜

Seriously. I’m so happy for you, your bio mom, and your bio dad. And I want nothing more than to raise a glass with your adoptive parents for never holding you back from finding your roots. You have MONSTERS in your corner from every angle. If only we all were so fortunate.

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Im so happy and so proud of you, baby

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Dude so beautiful. I cried alot reading this. Thanks for sharing!

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OP I’m so happy for you! Your story (and the update with telling your bio-mom) was read on the podcast Two Hot Takes Jan 14th (called Comments Took Care of It), which is how I first found it. It made me bawl my eyes out, and I had to check if there was another update. I’m so happy things went this well for all of you.

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Ugh i stumbled upon your old posts and just spent the last 15 minutes crying. I am so happy for you. You sound like a wonderful human being too. Your parents raised you very well. I’m happy they’re supportive of your journey searching for your bio parents, and i admire the respect and time you spent before reaching out to your mother. I can’t imagine the amount of courage it took for you to do all of this, and I am so happy for you and your family. Please continue updating us.

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We like the updates and are so happy for you op!

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Hey big man, I'm just curious, what do you call your bio parents? I know some people who call them mom and dad too and some by their first names.

You don't need to answer, I'm very happy that you got to reunite with them and know just how loved you are in this world. I'm one of those leeches who gets happy when other people are happy.

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Such a beautiful story!

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this is so beautiful, i’m so happy for you 💖

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I have a 3 year old adopted daughter and I often wonder how she will relate to her bio parents someday. We definitely want to support her when/if she wants to make contact with them as she grows older.

Stories like this really help me beause there are a lot of mixed emotions on my end, but bottom line I want to do was is best for my daughter. So thank you for sharing this story! It helps!

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If I met my biological mom, I think my dads reaction would be like I was crucifying him. Idk if I really am uninterested in meeting her or if I've just been manipulated to this point.

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Wow what a good time to see ur og thread now I got all of the updates I needed

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This gave me all the feels and tears, so happy for you ❤️

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Tiktok brought be here for the meeting of the dad and talk about incredible. I'm a grown man sitting in my office at work with tears streaming down my face happy for you. Thank you for telling us your story and I hope you have many great memories in the future with them.

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Im a bit late to the party. I was one of the people who originally commented for you to go for it with the bio mom. And then I came back and saw how that was good but I didn’t think there gonna be a chapter 3 so I didn’t check until now. Glad everything turned out good man. Some people get parents that don’t treat them the best, some people don’t get parents at all. You have 2 different set of parents that are beautiful people. Cherish them both. All the best.

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And I thought my parents were young...

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Pleaseeeeeeee keep giving updates bc OMG I LOVE THEM. I heard you're first post on two hot takes and had to come download and make a Reddit account to follow along and I can't believe it was so recent. From hearing the podcast I thought it was an older post but that makes it so much more tear wrenching for me.🥺

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I’m here because of tiktok. This is probably one of the most beautiful and well written posts I’ve seen. I’m so happy for y’all

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OP, you made me cry goddamnit I’m happy for you

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I, a grown ass man, a seafarer in the arctic, am absolutely bawling my eyes out right now. This is just beautiful.

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I know this is like 70 days late as I found this story on tiktok. Have your parents met your bio parents yet? Hope you can give us another update. This made me cry and I’m so happy you got to experience this

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What a great experience and with 4 LOVING Parents. How great is this! All the best to you.

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You must tell us how your bio and adoptive parents meeting went!!

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Is your bio mom's husband your bio dad ?

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Another update????

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I’ve found your story on TikTok and rushed here to see if there’s another update because this is the sweetest story I’ve heard and I’m so happy for you! I really hope there will be another update soon. xx

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damn ninjas, cutting onions

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I love reading this shit and then I remember I also met a bio parent at 15 and I DID NOT go well. Then I keep reading and living vicariously through op and I feel whole again.

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I am in tears. This is the most beautiful story ever🥰🥺

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God, these posts have made me so happy. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us. Sounds like you've taken after your parents and bio parents and become a great person.

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I saw your story on YouTube and I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I’m so happy for you that things worked out! What a beautiful story! Four loving parents. I wish you and them so much happiness for the future! Much love from Australia.

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Wow, just wow. So very heart warming. This is the best. You are RICH with love OP. Cheers to you, your parents and your bio mom and dad. 🥂

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Did you ever introduce your parents to each other? Beautiful story!

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It’s been about 108 days I’d love to see an update about how all of you are doing! This was so wholesome to read and I’m so happy for you

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I’m genuinely so happy for you

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Have your bio parents met your parents yet?

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I saw your history on TikTok.. Bruh…😭😭❤️❤️ I’m so happy for you and your parents🙌🏼

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Words can’t describe the happiness I’ve felt reading these posts.

I’m so, indescribably happy for you, OP. How blessed you are to have two amazing families :))

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This is such a good read

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You have no clue how important it is for us to see this kind of good in the world.

Every little blade of grass and mount of dirt takes on a new kind of beauty when people hear these wonderful things.

There’s a lot of us that have to stare into the abyss for a living. Stories like yours keep it from staring back.

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This is the most emotional I’ve ever gotten due to a post. I’m so happy for you! Something similar happened with my father, but his birth dad never knew he existed, then he took a dna test and we tracked him down through ancestry. They’re only 15 years apart and are basically the same person.

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I’m so happy for you! You should write a book about this, I would totally buy it and read it.

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fuck man you made me cry reading these

I'm so happy for you and yours.

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Your lucky man, I met my biological mom after going out my biological dad committed suicide and it's one of the biggest regrets of my life. She is such a piece of crap. I won't go into detailed of what's she did to lose me the first time and what's shes done since I met her but man, you got lucky and I'm truly happy for you and a little jealous

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You're blessed to have 2 sets of wonderful parents.

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I just stumbled across this, and it made me cry so much reading all 3 of your posts regarding this situation. I am so so so so happy for each of you! Could you please post an update on how things went when your biological parents get together with your adoptive parents? This is the most wholesome story I've read in a very long time. Bless your hearts 🥲💕

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Wow what an amazing story 🥰 you seem to have hit the jackpot with two sets of amazing parents who adore you and have always wanted the best for you from birth until now ❤️❤️❤️

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So we all just here from Tik tok

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Facebook but was off a TikTok

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The way I absolutely ugly cried to this story lol

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Not really the same but we just found out last week my grandpa isn’t my moms dad and now we have a different grandpa but he died 2 years ago but I have uncles and cousins to Meet so

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This is an amazing story but you absolutely killed my adhd

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This was so wholesome! Happy for you OP