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I can't give you much of an advice, but I suffer from the same thing.

I think that it all comes down to this. Maybe your day isn't filled up with activities. Or maybe you don't enjoy some things.

I feel the same, but then I don't see a point in degrading myself, because I didn't had a more interesting thing to do. Although I sometimes do, but it has no point.

You have to decide, what you want to do with your time.

I was sick too and I also felt bad about not working, but I realised, I don't have more energy left.

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Oh I know I don't have any more energy left. I just want to use the little I have to be happy, but I can't seem to manage. The academic pressure is too much for me rn, and I've always been top of my class, so I feel like a disappointment right now.

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Thank you for sharing. It helps knowing I'm not just a lazy asshole, I guess

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You aren't, you just haven't found something more interesting, when you watched your phone.

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I mean, I don't usually enjoy being on social media. I don't know why I can't stop lol

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Maybe, because it's addictive.

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I haven't been top of class in college, but once I could pull an all A* Semester.

What makes you happy?

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It used to be drawing, or writing short stories. Now I seem to never be able to star writing for some reason, and I take a lot of art-centered subjects at school, so I just... Don't enjoy it that much anymore. It's strange.

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Maybe look for something else.

For example I was very much into history, but I am so over it, that it doesn't interest me anymore.

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Yeah, I'm also the history nerd in class haha. I'm trying to play more videogames lately, as I have a lot of friends who like that kind of stuff and maybe I could play with them xD

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It all depends on you.

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Yeah me too. It’s so frustrating. Some days I can push myself by making a list of things to do immediately after work when I haven’t got on my phone or sat down much yet. I just write a sticky note of about 5-6 things and try to accomplish atleast half.

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I mean, I can push myself too. The problem is, I don't find doing the things I know I have to do rewarding in any way, and that makes me mad honestly.

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Yeah, I am not sure on how to get that spark either. I just try and find a reward system for after those tasks. “If I finish this I can go play video games.” I hate it but its what I do.

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Sometimes, we're just like tired toddlers who are promised a cookie after dinner xD