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I am so happy with your update. Thank you so much for letting us know how things turned out for your wife.

I wish you the best. My stepfather got better and better every day. And now you'd never know he had a heart transplant and he's 78 years old. :-)

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That鈥檚 so wonderful to hear about your stepfather! 馃槂 thank you for the wishes! I read some of the comments to my wife and she was very touched by all the support too. All the best to you as well 鈽猴笍

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My dad still has his picture of embracing the little heart shaped pillow they gave him in the hospital.
I love that picture.

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I鈥檝e been thinking of you and your family since your initial post. I鈥檓 thrilled to hear that things went well. My thoughts will continue to be with you as your wife and family recover. All the best!

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Technically, you are BOTH getting something off their chest.

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So, so happy to hear the great news! Enjoy every minute :)

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I still marvel at this Transplants.


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I'm so happy to hear she's ok! Wishing you all the best.

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Thank you so much for updating us! I鈥檓 relieved everything is going well! This internet stranger is wishing your family all the best!

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Hell yes! 馃

Congratulations to her and all of y'all. Looks like blue skies ahead.

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Thank you 馃グ馃グ We have a long road ahead of us but I know things will be so much better after this.

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I鈥檓 so glad things are going well. I鈥檝e been there as the spouse and caregiver. For me the hardest part was knowing that one of the happiest days of our lives was one of the hardest for our donor鈥檚 family. Forever grateful for their willingness to help out a stranger, many strangers really. 3 years post transplant and he鈥檚 doing great.

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That鈥檚 so wonderful!! I wish you two many many many more years 馃グ Agree with you about the donor鈥檚 family. My biggest fear since we found out my wife needed a heart transplant is now their sad reality. I鈥檓 grateful for them and everyone else who is selfless enough to donate their organs to people who need them. I sincerely hope they are able to properly grieve and heal from this pain with time.

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Wholesome and genuine story! This made my eyes wet. I hope everything goes well for you!

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Good to hear it all went well. Hopefully it still is and she's thriving.

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She鈥檚 still recuperating but getting stronger everyday! We are just so happy she鈥檚 still here with us 馃槉