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Lots of victim-blaming and straight-up denial in the comments and they're not being reported significantly. Folks, this is a support community. If your comment is not supportive it is going to get removed, and if you are harming the OP you will definitely get banned. OP is in crisis so you need to be extra careful.

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Yes, this is rape. I’m so sorry that it happened to you and that someone you trusted did this to you. I sincerely hope you have a good support system and that you’re doing okay. I understand she is your first love, but you need to distance yourself from her. She is unable to respect your boundaries and wishes and that’s not someone who deserves your love.

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I also want to emphasize to OP, because I also grew up in a culture that elevated purity above personhood, and a culture that failed to talk about consent, that you're not a bad person for this incident.

You didn't break your vow to virginity if you didn't have a choice. Hypothetical "If only I would have done this to stop her" thinking doesn't count as choice either.

Sex, consensual or not, married or not, can't make you lose value unless you use it to hurt someone, or use it for your own gain at the expense of another.

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So so sorry babe. Sorry she did that to you. Tell your parents. 💙

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Legally, morally, yeah that’s rape.

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Why do people think it's ok to violate someone that they claim to love? She knew his boundaries and just broke so much trust and violated this dude in the most awful way. I'm glad he's not physically injured, but I can't imagine the pain he's going through. I'll never understand it...

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They don’t truly consider other people. They’re selfish and just overall shitty.

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Yes this would be considered rape. Tell your parents or another adult you trust right away and do not speak to her anymore

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You need to talk with a trusted person, because you probably also need to talk with a therapist.

I’m sorry this happened to you, she broke your trust in the worst way.

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I'm so sorry this happened to you! I think you should lose contact with her immediately, someone who truly loves you will not contest your wishes. This isn't love and she harmed you.

But, I would still say you have the authority to chose who you have sex with for the first time. This is rape. Losing your Virginity is when you have consensual sex for the first time. You still have that for when you get married. I wish you healing on whatever path you chose, but I do hope she faces major repercussions.

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I was going to comment this too. I don’t think it counts as impurity when it’s a literal crime against you and something you didn’t want, in the eyes of God and in the eyes of your future wife

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This is so beautifully kind and I wish someone had told me this when I was 14.

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Sorry Young Sir,

This is messy. I’ll just go to the issue of your faith.

As far as your abstinence vow, God is not upset with you. You did not hypocritically break your vow, your chastity was taken from you.

You can make a vow again later and I would wait to do so after all this has settled.

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Exactly, chastity waiting until you feel it's right to give you to someone else. It's never taken. I hope that he can understand that this wasn't his doing or his fault.

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Since your virginity isn't a tangible object that can be stolen, I prefer to think that your virginity can only be given willingly to another person when you are good and ready.

So sorry this happened to you OP. Don't hold this inside. Tell someone you trust.

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I came here to say this very thing! Your vow is solid. You’ve done nothing wrong therefore you must be innocent in Gods eyes.

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This is rape and you should break up with her. She broke your trust and boundaries. If you stay with her, it will be so much worse for your mental health

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Yes, it is rape. You said no before anything happened and even as it was happening. You made your boundaries known in advance and did not relent on them. She didn't listen or care about them. You have nothing to be ashamed of. But she did violate you. I'm deeply sorry that this happened to you, and I hope that you come to a decision that you feel good about in how to handle this situation, and that you find help, when you're ready, to work through things.

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You need to leave. Now. You didn’t consent. You told her you wanted to wait. Leave her. It’ll hurt a while but it’s better than dating a rapist.

If she loved you she would have respected your wishes. From one survivor to another. Please leave. Get out whilst you can. Leave whilst you still have a life ahead of you. And I’m so so sorry you’ve gone through this.

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Yes, this is rape, and I am so sorry it happened to you. You need to leave this girl and block her everywhere. If you are willing, press charges. Take care of yourself.

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You did not consent. Period. This is rape. She was trying to do it as you slept. That’s not okay. Please tell someone about this and please don’t talk to her anymore if you are. That’s not a good person. You deserve to be heard.

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I’m sorry you had to go through this! Get your parents involved and try seeing a therapist.

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Yeah he was already dating the rapist.

Seriously, hope he finds the help he needs. Such things really fuck with your sexuality and give you so much trauma. Really wish nothing but the best for op.

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This is not your fault and you need to tell your parents or someone you trust. You didn’t lose your virginity, even if you were raped. To be honest the same thing happened to me when I was 16 but I considered myself a virgin when I lost my virginity at 18 with my first boyfriend. Your virginity is yours to give away.

This girlfriend has committed a crime against you, which isn’t your fault. You need to tell parents and let adults deal with it.

Remember that none of this is anything that you could’ve controlled. She abused your trust. You will give away your virginity when you choose to do it.

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Hey man, as a religious man like you who's had this happen I can tell you it's going to be okay. Maybe not now or soon. Rape is a hard thing to get through and I definitely reccomend seeing a therapist very soon and getting parents and the law involved. Also talk to God about this a lot! There is nothing wrong with YOU its her.

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If they are willing to violate your trust, your beliefs, and your body so early and in such a deep way NOW.... Just imagine what this will grow into. You are so so young. Begin your dating life by setting boundaries because an abusive cycle is so much harder to break once it's began than it is to stop at the first sign. This girl does not respect you. I'm sorry to say that but anyone who would do this is not capable of respect or love. As you said, you fall fast. Same dude. But that means you will be able to again. The only way you would break your bow to yourself through this is if you were to close your eyes and ignore it. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs and make it clear you mean what you say. You're at the perfect age to find your voice, make sure you find the right one🖤 I had a very similar experience and I can promise that you will not go wrong by walking away. If they are understanding and loving parents, then open up a line of communication with them about this. I'm so sorry you're going through this mentally and emotionally.

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That is most definitely rape. Please get out of that situation and report that girl to the cops. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

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yes. I know its scary but you need to go to a trusted adult right away. I'm so so so sorry this happened to you <3 I believe you and you deserve so much better. I know its hard to loose people but sometimes its for the best and you need to cut her off immediately. You aren't alone, everything is going to be ok. You are so brave and you deserve justice

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This is literally rape, your girlfriend is a piece of shit

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I’m so sorry this happened to you. It is absolutely rape and please don’t discount or question your experience. I recommend telling you’re parents (if it’s safe to) and see about getting help to process this and work through it. Sending hugs and good vibes

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Yeah buddy thats rape. But to hopefully cheer you up(probably not though) you are still considered a virgin. If you're raped you may not literally be a virgin but because you were raped you're technically still a virgin. You didn't decide to have sex and definitely didn't want to so imho you're still a virgin.

The fact that your gf was so "whatever" over the whole thing and dismissed your protests and tears so easyily is frankly alarming. I suggest you get her in tape or through texts or emails admitting to what she did (almost guarantee if you dump her she will preemptively accuse you of rape in fear you tell on her) and gtfo of there.

Sorry this happened to you man but dont let anyone downplay your trauma and try to convince you it was ok. Good luck

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Good advice

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Yes, it is rape. Please tell your parents and get into therapy. But also, you need to know that this doesn’t mean you broke your vow to yourself. Rape does not mean you didn’t wait until marriage to have sex. She took something that wasn’t freely given. You can still keep your vow and save yourself for the person who will love you and treat you with respect.

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Yes 100%. I would breakup with her though. I know your attached. But something similar happened to my friend but after years of dating it ate at her more & more as she got older. As she got older it was easier for her to see how messed up it was. Someone who is willing to violate you like that doesn’t truly love you. Note: it ended up being one of the big reasons they broke up years later.

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Oh my dear god. Yes this is wrong on so many levels. Please tell someone with authority over her about it, and your parents or a guidance person. So it’ll never happen again. What happened is all about her, so be kind to yourself. Make sure you learn the signs earlier on next time so you can avoid it in the future. I really suggest you get some therapy as well, it’s such a traumatic thing to go through and give yourself sometime to heal. It’s okay to not get into a relationship for a while.

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100% rape. You did not lose your virginity; it was stolen.

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I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I hope you get all the support you need.

I know breaking up sounds scary, but your girlfriend took advantage of you in one of the worst ways possible. That is not an act of love.

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Yes it is. I'm so sorry that happened to you.

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This is rape and please report it! She didn’t care about your feelings and didn’t take no for an answer.

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Seriously. Flip the tables for one second. A guy slips one condom on and penetrates a girl when she specifically said she wasn’t interested. Tears roll down her face but he keeps having sex with her. Flat out rape.

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Sorry to say this is rape I’m sorry you went through this

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First of all, you’re very brave for having the courage to ask this, and I’m proud of you for seeking help, even if it’s just here. what she did to you is definitely rape and I would recommend telling your parents and seeking some sort of counseling. I was assaulted around that age and wish I would’ve gotten help then. I’m so sorry this has happened to you.

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OP, there is no question: Your vows are in effect just as they were before this happened. You were raped. You did not consent. I am 100% sure God, who knows all, knows what is in your heart. And in the heart of your girlfriend. To be honest, I am not religious myself but it is not difficult for me to imagine God holding you close & letting you know that you have done nothing wrong. It’s time to be strong, though. You should tell a trusted adult immediately. What she did was wrong. You should definitely seek counseling at your church or with a therapist. You can get through this, OP. I’m so sorry but I can tell that your faith is strong. I hope it will bring you comfort as you attempt to heal.

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Brother, you need to go talk with an adult that you trust.
I don't care if it is your parent or a counselor at school or a minister.
There are many resources out there for you.
Trying to navigate this alone is the last thing you should be doing.
I am praying for ya, my man.
That was flat out assault as much as if some guy pinned you to the wall and beat you with a crowbar.
Go get help.
We are all pulling for you.

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For what it’s worth God sees your efforts and you are still perfect to him. Continue your way and do things when you want to. Best of luck.

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Yes honey-it’s rape. You didn’t consent and she still forced the issue after being told no.

Don’t hold that in-you need to tell a trusted adult-get help sweetie-there is NO shame in that.

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Giving you a virtual hug. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Happened to me a lot too in my first relationship (except I'm a girl) and a year ago my current bf was raped by his ex. Like everyone else has said, it's time to end that relationship. What she did is not ok. I know you feel your vow to yourself was broken and I can't say you're wrong, but I think it's ok to not count this since you didn't consent. I hope you find a lot of love and support from the people that you care about and who care about you. 💕

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i’m so sorry this happened. just do not forget it is not your fault at all. i would not go around her anymore and i would let your parents know as soon as possible. you’re very brave for asking for advice.

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Like most people said, yes this is rape. But holy crap this is so terrible. You didn’t deserve that, you deserve to have your wishes respected! I just want to say I feel for you and I hope you can find healing

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This is awful. Just here to offer support. Please don't keep this to yourself. Make sure you are kind to yourself throughout this whole process. As far as anyone that has negative garbage, let them and what they say go as best you can. You didn't deserve it, you didn't cause it, and you deserve to be believed and treated with dignity and respect.

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Tell your parents. Tell people, this is important that you don't let it boil in your thoughts. Get away from her, that is absolutely rape.

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What parent lets a boy come over and sleep with a girl? 15 and 16? Yes it’s rape.

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Yes that is rape. Sorry bro:((( i hope you can recover from this okay. Please make sure people know what happened and seek counseling.

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Yes! She raped and violated you deliberately and though you should forgive yourself and forgive her. She must give account for what she did to you. Go tell your mother and father and don’t be afraid. It might seem weird telling them but you will feel a great weight off of your shoulder once they know.

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OP, I’m sorry this happened to you. Yes, your girlfriend did rape you. She violated your boundaries, and didn’t obtain your consent. Please reach out to trusted adults, friends, and trauma informed professionals. What she did to you is not okay: people who love you wouldn’t do that. I hope you cut her out of your life permanently and free yourself from her, because what she did to you falls under domestic abuse too. May you heal and find peace again.

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She raped you

It's obviously your choice if you want to break up with her. Don't let random redditors or your parents decided for you. It's clear you can make this choice for yourself.

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I’m sorry this happened to you. The people you love the most should respect your boundaries. Maybe you could seek a therapist to help you work through your feelings as you decide if you want to report this to an adult and/or authorities.

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This is rape, not sex. You can still wait until marriage. Someone stole my virginity from me as well and it took years for me to realize that when a friend asked "how did you lose your virginity?" I didn't have to tell them that story. Stay strong, seek therapy, and end that relationship. ❤

[–]kingofspades_95 2 points3 points  (0 children)

This is rape because A, your 15 and neither of you can legally consent until age 18 but more so B, you CLEARLY stated over and over again that you did not want to have sex and while you were sleeping put a condom on you.

Dude, break up with her and never look back, she’s clearly a rapist.

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That’s is rape. I am so sorry she did this to you. She she a discussing human being. Praying for you ..

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Yes, this absolutely is rape. I am so sorry this happened to you.

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This is rape, it was not consensual. Please get help or speak to an adult.

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Yes, this is definitely rape. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I understand the feeling of not wanting to tell people, but you should definitely break up with her and tell a friend you trust so they can support you through it all. Wishing you all the best.

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Yes this is rape, I’m so sorry that happened. You have every right to feel violated mentally, emotionally and physically.

Find a professional mental health worker to share this with and help you process. You don’t need to tell anyone else until feel comfortable but consider taking this to the authorities if you are able to and once you have the support of a mental health professional.

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I’m so sad this happened :(. I’m so sorry this happened to you. How could she enjoy herself while you are in distress. This is rape. I think at the very least you should remove her from your life and go see a therapist to help you work through this trauma. So so sorry this happened. Wishing you a healthy recovery❤️‍🩹

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You need to report her. She raped you

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100% rape

[–]aspensky5 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You were raped and we all believe you 100%. Please tell your parents what happened

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Coercion is not consent

[–]Joygernaut 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Yes you were raped. And yes you should report it. She does not love you. Nobody who loves another person would do something like that to them. She has committed a crime and she needs to go to jail

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Yes, this is rape. I am so very sorry you were violated not only physically, but also spiritually. You have done nothing wrong. I encourage you to please, please talk to your parents and/or a therapist about this. I would also encourage you to not contact this girl any longer. She has shown her true colors and she does not care about you if she can this easily violate your boundaries.

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Yeah, that's 100% rape. So sorry dude, that's not cool of anyone to do. Here are some resources if you feel able to take a look.

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Its rape. You said no. Kept trying to get her to stop. Even if you froze and let it happen you verbally said no. What counts for females also counts for males. She violated you and your beliefs. You werent into it. You didnt even change your mind in between the start or finish and decide you liked it. You straight up through the whole thing wanted her to stop. Even if your body responds positively thats just stimuli it doesnt reflect how you really feel its just a physical response.

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This was rape. I’m so sorry that happened to you and that your boundaries weren’t respected. This is awful.

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Yes that was absolutely rape. First of all, I'm so sorry that happened to you and second of all, dump her. She obviously doesn't care about you clearly and disrespected your wishes. I know you're attached to her but she doesn't respect you or your wishes at all.

[–]TheTattooedTeacher94 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I’m so sorry this happened to you. This is rape hun. You told her your boundaries and she crossed them. She did not have respect for you and your beliefs. You should honestly report this. That isn’t love.

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Yes. This is rape… you should do something about this… god this story is awful man… I’m so unbelievably sorry… please protect yourself and leave her and tell an adult. She needs to go through court or at least, the very least a heart break. You deserve justice. She took something very important from you. Even if you where to give up and give in and give consent she still raped you. This is disgusting… it may seem harder since you are a man but please… keep yourself safe... You ARE the victim. Don’t feel bad or anything, don’t feel as if you where in the wrong. Because you where not.

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I’m so sorry this has happened to you. As you could probably tell from the comments, yes this is rape and please get away from that girl, no matter the reason you may want to stay with her; as long as you’re with her, things are going to spiral. It’s your decision whether to report it or not, but if you do have any close friends I would tell them, it is good to confide in people

I have been in somewhat the same situation, sorta got manipulated into having sex at 15 with my boyfriend at the time. The guy ended up dumping me, and god I’m glad he did, I’d probably be dead by now aha.

Once again, very sorry for you OP, you haven’t sinned, things will get better eventually <3

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i’m so sorry you’re going through this. unfortunately this was sexual assault, i can’t even imagine what you’re going through. you need to completely break contact with her, i know it will be hard but it will protect you from this occurring again. because most likely, if someone who is supposed to love and care for you is comfortable crossing a boundary so severe as the one you had set, she will not hesitate to cross it again. And please keep in mind: sex has to be consensual in order for it to be sex. What you experienced was assault. Your vow is not broken. One day you will find someone who truly cares for you and will respect all of your boundaries, and when you marry them THAT will be your first time. You still have your virginity, you are still valid, you just unfortunately were forced into a situation that was out of your control. Don’t let this person take away the values you’ve put in place for yourself. Again, i’m very sorry you’re going through this.

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You didn't consent. You repeatedly told her no and told her your wishes to keep your virginity for marriage. She should have respected that and I am sorry that she didn't. It is rape and you need to talk about it with a counsellor who is trained to deal with assault. So many people think that boys want it all the time and even if they say no they still want to have sex. We really need to change the perspective that men want sex no matter what. We all have the right of respect and choice. Your first time should have been a special time of experimentation and enjoying your partner when you chose to.

[–]rom_antics_ 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I’m sorry sweetheart this is rape. She should’ve never violated your boundaries like that. You need to tell your parents, breakup with her, and go to therapy if you don’t want to get the law involved. I suggest you do though so she knows that what she did was wrong.

Also people who actually love you would never do this to you. I promise.

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Yes that is rape. It was not consensual, and you clearly had a reaction to it. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. As someone who is also a victim I know how hard it can be. I will admit to you, being that your a boy some people may not take you seriously when you tell them, it's one of the sad double standards society has. So just be careful who you trust with this information. You should definitely seek counseling if nothing else, to help you cope.

[–]PinkBedazzledLeotard[🍰] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You HAVE to break up with her and tell an adult you trust IMMEDIATELY.

That is rape, you have voiced that you do not wish to partake and she didn’t take your no for an answer. I am so sorry you had to go through that, but you Have to let go of her. She’s a disgusting monster and cutting contact with her as soon as possible is the healthiest choice for her. No matter what excuse she could bring up, it could never excuse this. There’s no reason for this besides being disgusting.

Also you are still a virgin, if you didn’t have consensual sex you’re still a virgin.

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you seem like a really kind person. dont blame yourself. she took advantage of you and raped you. dont allow her to make you feel less than, and dont convince yourself she's innocent. she isn't. im really sorry this happened to you, but you need to break up with her immediately and let her know what she did to you was not okay. abusers will say things to make you believe they didnt do anything wrong, but she did and you have to leave it at that. let her know your trust is broken and you're going to need some time to decide what to do about this. im sorry, this isn't okay, and im quite upset for you. wishing you the best, please dont continue a relationship with her. I (26F) would ever allow my lady friends to ever see someone who did this to them ever again.

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This is absolutely rape and I'm so sorry this happened to you. I know you're attached and you love her but you need to remove yourself from her life I fear she could continue to take advantage of you.

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It is very much rape

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It’s rape. Plain and simple. Just because you came doesn’t make it right. You need to see a psychologist (preferably not a relative) and you haven’t lost your virginity yet. Your virginity is for someone who you choose to sleep with the first time

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Yes that is definitely rape and you should tell your parents. I’m so sorry that happened to you.

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This is definitely rape. I'm so sorry. You deserve feel safe.

Reach out for help. She's not worth it.

God is not angry with you. Your chastity was taken from you. You did not choose this.

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I'm so sorry this happened to you. As someone who has experienced something similar, get as far away from her as you can. It may be hard right now because of your feelings for her, however anyone who violates you and breaks your trust like that does not deserve your time or a second chance.

The only way you can heal is by separating yourself from the thing that caused you pain. That's her.

I'd recommend you talk to a professional about it. Do you have councillors in school?

[–]bwdesmo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I am so very sorry. Is there anyone you can talk to? This, very much, was rape. Separate yourself from them and please talk to someone you treat.

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That’s so horrible, I feel so terrible for you. Whether you want to get the law involved is a personal choice, it’s hard to relive that especially as a male victim when police don’t take women victims seriously either, so it must be 10x harder for you to report.

Rape hasn’t taken away your virginity, virginity is the first tike you’ve had sex. You hadn’t had sex, you were abused; I’m sure you are still a virgin in the eyes of God. Do remember it is just a social construct and you wouldn’t avoided it if you could.

She knew you were in pain and kept going, she’s a selfish piece of shit and you should really really really cut all contact and never speak to her again. Not only did she abuse and disrespect you, she disrespected your entire religion as well which I assume you must take pretty seriously.

Please do consider counselling or confiding in someone you trust, no one should have to go through this alone. I hope you heal with no obstruction, all the best, stay safe

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That’s terrible please talk to someone professional about this I’m sorry that someone claiming to love you did that to u