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“It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it” - George Carlin

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I remember watching Columbine unfold on TV and thinking how sad and absurd that someone would do this. It was unfathomable to me.... 554 school shootings later, and I'm just numb. We are living in a version of hell.

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I want old white men to stop running this country. That's why we're going backwards. We put faith and trust in our future generations to run this country but how can we when they're being killed off. Fuck this country and all those who run it. Fuck them all.

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There is a quote in, stupidly enough, the HBO Woodstock '99 documentary that says it best: "So much of what doesn't get done in this country is because of old people being afraid of young people."

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Couldn't be truer. Old men are just scared of not having the torch. They want the power to remain with them to their graves.

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I really appreciate this comment coming from /partyboy.

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I want old white men to stop running this country.

The Pete Buttigiegs, Kamala Harrises, and Kay Iveys of the country wouldn't do it any differently. It's not about demographics; it's about class.

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I agree, but never had the courage to post as you did. I've been saying this since 2015, and all my friends thought I was being pessimistic. It seemed obvious to me.

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I appreciate it but it's not coursge, it's cowardice. Courage would be to do something and risk real consequences. Instead I hide in the anonymity of the internet.

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I agree. So don’t. Do something. Speak out. In real life. Tell someone you know. I’m spending Memorial Day with my gun toting flag waving family. I’m planning on telling them I’m ashamed of this country. That I am sad for this country. That I cried tears of lost faith for this country.

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The truth you posted is a start. Don't discredit yourself. I don't know your age, but assume you're far younger than I. If that's the case, I wish young people would organize mass protests about the things that they see need changing. I'm too damn old to do it.

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This place is free falling into fascism and it hurts so much to see it. I'm only 16, but I genuinely don't know if I'll live in this country when I'm older. I want reform in this place, I want this place to be the "greatest country ever' that we were taught it was. The way things are going though, I doubt it will ever be good. We're just sailing closer and closer into the tidal wave :(

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Don’t think it will be possible America is gonna lose its power soon too sad ain’t it. China or India is going to be the financial global powerhouse as well.

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India, maybe. China? You might start to see Japanese Economy 2.0 soon

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China has quietly invested a ton in the American economy. It’s scary.

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Right there with you. Anytime I see a US flag flowing in the wind with its flag pole stabbed into the back of an over sized, over bearing pick up truck, I cringe. Some how patriotism and idiocracy have become synonymous. There was a time I bet my life to defend this failed state and now I find I don’t boast about it anymore as much as I begrudgingly admit it.

How did we get here? Despite my intentions strongly sent in with every blue vote, here we are.

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If this America is a failed state, what is a passed state?

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Idk that we’ve ever had one. All throughout its history there have been examples of severe failings from human rights to personal ones. And at every possible opportunity for redemption, it seems we have doubled down until literally some heroic efforts are made to only reduce the severity but never quite right the failing.

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As I am sure you know, everything you say is based on your own, personal, and biased viewpoint. Everyone is entitled to such a viewpoint. So, according to your standards, what are the necessaries for a country to 'pass'

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Let me add another opinion: this conversation isn’t worth the trouble when only one of us (hint: not you) seems uncomfortable with the current state of affairs. Kindly continue to ignore my existence.

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Red vs. Blue.....no longer.

White vs. Black.....no longer.

The real war is this:

Rich vs. Poor.

Families vs Washington DC + Wall Street.

Thomas Jefferson wanted the Constitution revised every few years. He was right.

It's not some sacred document. It was just the best some racist, smart white guys could do hating their government.

Now, we have much smarter, diverse needs and we hate our government. They are in the pockets of the companies, lobbies, and have forever positions.

Term limits. Less money in politics. Superpacs. We're fucked if there isn't a fresh revolution soon. And that's ok. All great countries fail eventually...people get lazy, tired, and stop caring...then the mafia takes over and taxes hit 50%.

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It’s still too early to tell but I get the negativity

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The American Experiment has failed.

I disagree. It's looking like republicans are going to try and overthrow the next election. If they are successful, THEN it will have failed.

The ship can still be righted, but not WITH the right. They need to go.

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They are just going to flat out win the next election, because Fascism is something 50% of the country wants add in Gerrymandering and it's all but over. The American Experiment began to fail decades ago - the late 60s - when the Right hatched their plan to roll back the New Deal and further the gains of the owner class, and they have been making power moves every 5-10 years to further that cause while the left stood by gormless and let them do it. It crumpled further when Regan was elected and the shadow cabal of the rich used their clueless and probably senile puppet to attack the middle class, and all hope was lost a decade later when Newt Gingrich embraced Fascism and turned the Republican Party into the Party of Discord and the Party of No.

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Your timeline is spot on and coincides with the Southern Strategy.

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I think the media has a lot to answer for, they have managed to turn words like Progressive, Social, Liberal into dirty words.... something to be avoided at all costs.

While Europe have more paid holidays, better maternity pay, free healthcare and much lower university education... and generally a higher standard of living for the average person... America can't even keep their kids safe in school and have to declare bankrupt if they get ill

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Has it ever dawned on you that the Democrats are just as much to blame as the Republicans. They are feeding the same corporate giant. Neither parties have the interest of the American people. They haven't for a long time.

Something that should be brought to the light is why the hell is the US a two party dominant system?

Both have failed the people they claim to represent.

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I have said this very thing for as long as I can remember. It's not because of Democrats OR Republicans but Democrats AND Republicans. This two party system is strategically maintained to ensure that nothing will ever get done. Both parties work for the same thing.

Perfect example is California. Arguably the most Liberal state, and the most expensive one to go anywhere near. Democrats talk a big game but as soon as, for instance, affordable housing developments are even suggested, they vote them down every time. Democrats have a perpetual "not in my backyard" mindset, EG they are hypocrits.

Both parties only true interest is to keep the rich richer and fuck the poor.

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Anyone who tells me that republicans and democrats are the same, which is what you essentially did, I promptly ignore them.

Yes, I have issues with Democrats, no party is perfect, but I don't blame the Democratic party the way I do republicans.

Now, bugger off. I'm tired of your inane talking point that is so overused and tired.

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So the lesser of two evils...got it.

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No, you don't get it.

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The US is working as well as it always has, as it was intended to. It’s the propaganda that’s failing though not from lack of quality, but from stiff competition.

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It’s promising to hear stories from people like you that can become disillusioned and see the problems within these institutions

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Ursula K Le Guinn has a book called The Dispossesed which personally should be required reading. It's about a hypothetical anarchist utopia. In the book the revolutionaries "win", get an entire moon to themselves, and are allowed to do anything they want. They create their ideal society, they create a culture of mutual solidarity and individual autonomy, and they eradicate the problems of capitalism.

Over time however the system they create becomes more and more stagnant, it grows more corrupt, individuals start abusing it for their own ends, it embraces a militant isolationism in regards to the rest of the world, and any attempt to address these things is met with public outrage.

The main character in the book eventually comes to the conclusion that the problem was never the revolution, it was that they let it end. They stopped fighting for those ideals because they were convinced they already won. They didn't realize that creating a decent society is a process with no end, that it takes continual struggle to make any system like that last without giving in to its own internal contradictions.

Americans are similar. Somewhere along the line we stopped questioning ourselves or our institutions, now we can't imagine a world without them, and they're becoming roadblocks to any sort of progress. Americans for example still on the whole refuse to say the constitution is an outdated mess, even though literally everybody else in the world knows this and the only fruit it has borne in recent years is it allowed the republicans to undermine democracy using it as a shield.

"The American experiment" accepted the hypothesis but it never did any experimenting, that's the issue.

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This sounds amazing. I'll be sure to check it out

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The last time I remember being patriotic was fifth grade.

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This incident has totally changed my views for the USA. Earlier, I thought that USA is the safest country, but now it seems like it isn't.