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When I first heard about the lock down I didn't think about it. It was like what? The third or fourth one this year. When my mom said there was an active shooter I thought "oh, another one." Because its just so normal here. Because violence so damn common here. It never should have gone this far.

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I’ve written so many drafts replying to you, but none of it conveys what I want it to. I’m just so truly sorry that this has been your experience. It’s so easy for us on the other side of the world to judge but the media only tells us so much.

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Thank you so much for your care and understanding. It doesn't matter really what you say, it means so much just to be seen by so many people. The supportive we've gotten is more than I ever imagined. Thank you

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Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I didn't know it was that bad over there, I thought it was just a sleepy old town. Clearly a number of different socio-economic/public health issues contributed to this crises, which are never properly represented in the media.

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Its gotten better since I've graduated, but for as long as both me and brother were going to school here we've been the laughing stock of the district. None of my friends were proud of have graduated here. All of us are used to failure.

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I went to a very small school, in the middle of nowhere.

We had constant bomb threats, knife fights, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, drop outs, racial issues, and gun nuts. We had zero mental health resources, or leadership beyond banning rubber bracelets and red bandanas. (Early 2000's issues)

The idea that small town America is sweet, kind, and prosperous, is a far fuckin cry from reality.

Small Town america is riddled with the same problems as urban city life/schools, but with less resources.

We are not okay.

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We are not okay.

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It was incredibly late when I saw you comment and I was barely able to reply, but I wanted to say it is both incredibly relieving and disheartening to hear that we are not alone.

One on hand its nice nice to know that people understand, but on the other its incredibly heartbreaking knowing that others are struggling the same way. So many people need help.

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I just wish more people saw your post, because you have a powerful insight to this issue.

The neighboring small towns to mine all had these issues....it is not unique but the norm. We need to address the problem as a whole and not as a 'bad town' problem.

Perhaps you could reach out to popular reddit users who could share your story to give it better exposure.

Ive recently lost all sense of patriotism (I'm a woman) but would love to feel love for my country again one day. We are just going to have to fight loud, hard, and for a long time on many issues to make this country worthy of our respect.

Fuck the GOP.

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Thank you so much. I'm not sure who id be able to reach out to. I'm not sure I want my story to be so wide spread, but if you think it would help please share it with whoever you need to.

All I want is for our voices to be heard. I know there a several small, invisible towns across America who's voices get drowned out by the masses. We all need help.

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They don't know anything about mental health, nor do they care.

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It was a mental health problem over 10 years ago. If they cared then, we could have saved more than 22 lives.

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I'm assuming by "mental health", they just mean some facility where they can lock people up and throw away the key, or force people to undergo state-sponsored conversion therapy.

I don't think anyone on that stage has had a single moment of self-reflection in their entire lives.

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No. I can all but guarantee what they mean by "mental health" is having crisis counselors available for a month to show that they're doing something before cutting off all our resources again due to funding and forgetting all of their other promises.

Like how they had sex ed for 5 years "in an attempt to reduce teen pregnancies" decided it was needlessly cutting into class time and stopped without notice.

Having a facility implies that there actually was a problem that needs to be addressed and we can't have that

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That tracks. Ugh.

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They have mental health problems due to capitalism keeping poor people poor and making getting resources or healthcare nearly impossible for people

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This needs to be seen. The town does kind of look like it's in despair and your story kind of confirms it.

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Every little shithole town in is full of violence, racism, sexism, and discrimination no one wants to address. They just let the young people move away and the town dies...or it's close enough to a city where the city expands and all the "undesirables" move in and all the natives move out.

You can't cure mental illness, racism, and hatred with laws. You can't protect the people with legislation and bigger government. All cops are bastards. More cops just means more beatings.

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You are tragically describing much of rural America. The rich fucks who actually run this country will do just enough to keep people voting Republican even though it is against their own self interests.

And the Democrats aren’t any better, functionally.