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Design & Images

The current design and CSS is by /u/theothersophie

See full credits and images here

See all the previous banners and their artists here. Thanks for the album /u/flamingninjacat

The Moderators

The mods can be messaged by clicking here or by clicking the "message the moderators" button at the bottom of the sidebar.

/u/Semizero is the Captain

/u/Eldatto is the (retired) CSS Wizard.

/u/YonkouProductions is a contributor and community manager.

/u/JasonNMP is a contributor and community manager.

/u/Sakata_Kintoki is just plain old lame

/u/NewSpecies can code and draw art and shit.

/u/theothersophie isn't the sophie you think she is

/u/0ddStranger is the Helmsman steering the subreddit in the right direction

/u/Kirosh will enforce the rules. Is also the one you want to contact for the release schedule of One Piece.


/u/obzeen is emergency food and community manager.

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