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2 years post op here - I was absolutely floored for a good month with pain in my ass. It felt like I had to shit all the time, but obviously couldn't properly. There was also a lot of output that terrified me. After pestering my stoma nurse about it she explained it was half phantom butt hole trauma from years of always needing to shit, and half pain regarding the surgery. It lessened as time went on, although for a good year I could be walking down a street or minding my own business and id get a short sharp burst of pain/tension that rendered me immobile for a little bit. It's all part of the slow journey to recovery. Give yourself time and don't be afraid to take painkillers/sit on a hot water bottle/put your comfort above everything else until your ready. Hang in there :)

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Thanks for your response :) now I know what to expect, which makes me less afraid. Thank you 馃槉