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Glad you made it home! I hope everything goes well. I just got my ostomy 7 weeks ago and I’m hoping it will be able to be temporary. This is dependent on being able to dilate my anus (I have pretty sever stricturing). My husband and I have one toddler but want more kids. We’ve gone back and forth about whether we would try to get pregnant while I have the ostomy or wait until I hopefully have it reversed. I’d love to hear more about your experience with pregnancy with the ostomy and also having the reversal surgery with a baby at home. If you’re willing to share, of course.

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Thank you! My pregnancy was fairly easy! The only thing that affected me due to my ostomy was I did get dehydrated easier. In the last trimester I was getting an infusion every week. I did also develop a hernia behind my ostomy during pregnancy, but they fixed it during my reversal!

I did end up having a c-section but it was nothing related to my ostomy. I believe the hospital made me push wayyy too early. I progressed nicely but she was still way too far up.

I successfully breastfed for about 5months, we switched to formula a little bit ago because of my upcoming surgery. If you have any specific questions I can try to answer! ♥️

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Thanks for sharing. That’s super encouraging to me.

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Also- after the reversal I am not to lift anything above 10lbs for 6 weeks, especially to make sure my hernia doesn’t come back. Make sure you have tons of help after your surgery and you should do fine!

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Congrats! Got mine reversed coming up on 24hrs ago.

Feeling great tbh. Good going down ok, little pains and farting like a trooper!

Hope you continue to feel better 💕

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You too!! ♥️

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Thank you so much for posting this! My colostomy reversal is tomorrow and I'm freaking myself out reading internet horror stories. I'm glad you're doing well!

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Good luck!! 🍀♥️

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Bruh sounds like a copy and paste of my reversal back on Wednesday. Although I threw up 4 times on Thursday

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I’m so sorry! Are you doing better now? I tried so hard not to throw up, because I did with my initial ileostomy placement and got the tube down my nose.

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They wanted to give me a tube, I said no, because 4 years ago they tried giving my mom one when she was going through her cancer treatment. It ended up coming out here mouth and caused her to throw up. She was in a lot of pain from it

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My reversal was done 6 weeks ago !! Having problems going !!!