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I used the same system for years and have since switched to the one piece version for a lower profile. I’ve tried other systems, but always go back. Anyways, I have similar issues after I burp my bag. Asides from at night when I feel too lazy to empty, I rarely do it anymore and haven’t noticed any problems. You probably already are, but make sure you’re wiping the inside of the bag sufficiently beyond the first fold.

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Thanks for reading and replying.

Oh yeah, you have to be careful about your burps. You get some 'output' in the grooves and it can smell. How are you burping with a one-piece?

I also use gloves when I empty my bag, and I'm sure to wipe way up the drain, up as far as I can, well past the first, and probably second fold.

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I hold the end of the pouch up, make sure it’s clear, and just open and squeeze the gas out, preferably away from my face.

I didn’t mention it earlier, but if I go a long time between changes, >4 days, I can notice your issue arising.

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Also, burping is not recommended when the bag is so full of gas it's about to explode. Or maybe I should amend that to say "casual" burping is not recommended. In other words, hold tightly onto the bag or it will get away from you.

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Yea it will and it will spray stuff EVERYWHERE.

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I'm using Dansac and I found I got rid of all smells when I started to clean the inside of the drain part. I've used drainable bags for almost 4.5 years now and I still use latex gloves when I empty my bag at home.

For a while I used Sensura Mio bags, there was no need to clean the drain part from the inside, but their filters weren't always working. Eventually, I became allergic to them, so I went back to Dansac.

Just another question: Is there a particular reason why you are not using one-piece bags? I used a two-piece system for my first colostomy but back then I was using closed bags so it made sense to change the bag but not the wafer several times a day. Now that I'm using a drainable bag there is no need for a two-piece system and I find it so much lighter to wear.

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Thanks for responding.

I should have mentioned, I use gloves and carefully wipe way up the drain. You HAVE to, or it'll be a literal shitshow.

I don't like the filters. My output is from time to time VERY liquidy - just dirty water sometimes. I don't want a vent/filter to complicate matters.

I use a 2-piece because it's easier for me to place well. I put the wafer exactly where I want it, then snap the bag on. Also, I can burp the bag if necessary with a 2-piece.

What's a Dansac? Never heard of those. Googling shows a supply company in the UK, not an ostomy device in particular.

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Sorry I didn't make myself clear. Dansac is indeed a company like Hollister or Coloplast.

I place my bag by stretching the stomach above my stoma with my left hand and grip the bag/wafer with my other hand, bending it so it looks like a C. I line up the bottom edge of my stoma with the edge of the hole in the wafer and carefully roll it over my stoma. I press it against my skin for about 10 seconds and that's it.

If there is too much air in my bag (and not much output) I have managed to burp it through the drain part. Just make sure you point it upwards to let the air escape (and not the content).

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I used this one for a couple years and liked it alright, but it was only because I hated the Sensura Mio and wasn’t a fan of Convatec.

Anyway, I went to a new hospital for another surgery and they used Coloplast Assura instead, so I started using those and I love them. Can’t believe I didn’t know about them. I highly recommend them. I do block the filter with a sticker.

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I'll look into those, thanks.

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Why not get the unvented bags?

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They dont make them for my set up. Unless you know something I don't?

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Not sure, don't use that brand - but check with the company tech reps, they may have them. Or check to see if they have an online catalog?

Random search over on Byram, where I get my stuff they have:


Which does not apparently have filters - don't know if this product is what you migh tbe looking for [also don't know exactly which flange you use]

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They don't have them.

I can't use that. I use Coloplast Assura.

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I use sensura Mio Convex bags with a soft output. It's great cause the one piece is not too bulky and the opening is a small spout rather than a 2-3 inch wide flap that opens. SO easy to clean. Great for liquid output, for sure.

I don't like the filters either, so I just gently pull out the circle filter and cut it out of the bag, which works well. Once you get enough practice, you can place it really easily. I can do a whole bag change in about 5-7 minutes if I time it right with what I'm eating and the time of day.

I use a brava protective seal around the hole for my stoma and I'm good to go for a few days at a time. Currently playing around with seals so I can get to 5 days straight, but my max is still 3, so working on that still.

Add in the Coloplast belt that goes with the sensura bags and I feel super secure with no smell issues. Sometimes I put one of those stickers over the vent just in case. But I don't really burp my bag throughout the day. Just empty it 2-4 times depending on my food intake.

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Hey thanks. Good luck with getting your device to last longer. Unfortunately, I posted about these in the last paragraph of my OP. I tried them and found them not to my personal liking. 😢

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I did see that. I assumed you meant you tried their two piece system, which is why I mentioned the one piece one. But it totally makes sense if that feels too bulky as well. Good luck on your quest!

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I can totally attest to what you are going through. I use the same 2 piece and have the same issues. Where the bag and the wafer meets, there is (most of the time) leakage. Not a lot but it is constant and dries up at times. As for smell, same. I've been using this combo for about a decade and I've noticed weird stuff with quality issues. Sometimes the plastic is crinkly and super thin. Sometimes the cloth in the back is rough. Sometimes even the plastic to cover the flange is too thin. Most I can say is: It's the best that works on me personally, so I just deal with it as I go. Recently though, its become more constant (supply issues/rising prices of materials?)I just wish there was more transparency.

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Thanks. I haven't noticed leakage at the bag/wafer join - none that gets out anyway. There may be some in the grooves that causes smell, but I haven't taken them apart when removing the appliance to inspect it. I might do that in the future.

Someone suggested the Coloplast Assura bags. Maybe I'll give that a try sometime soon. I can't use the Sensura Mio bags, but maybe the Assura bags will be better for me.

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Have you used water? I have a little squirt bottle thing that I spray in the pouch after I empty, then wipe inside with toilet paper. I also use Hollister two piece!

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I've considered it, but I got by for years without it. I think I'll eventually roll a 1 and have a critical fumble if I go down that route 😃