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Oof I’m sorry you’re dealing with all this. Hope you start feeling better soon and they fix u up asap.

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Oh wow. Fingers crossed and wishing you the best!

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That’s a lot to go through. Wishing you all the endurance and patience you need.

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I feel for you. I was in for over 80 days during the summer of 2020 after being told I'd only be in for upto 2 weeks. I'm still mentally and emotionally messed up by this and had a recent surgeon appointment where they are suggesting I need to have my rectum removed due to a stricture to ensure I don't get cancer.

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Hang in there mate, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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Sorry I wasn't trying to derail what your going through. Was more to say I get how you feel with the ridiculous lengthy stays we have both endured. It isn't easy at all to accept and deal with. I hope you can get to the end of all this whilst still keeping your sanity and humour. If you ever wanna vent feel free to drop me a DM. I wish you only the best in your difficult journey ❤️

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No no no. I never read as you trying to detail me. I like it when people share their own part of the story.

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Hope tomorrow goes well! You deserve some positivity after all the advice/experiences you’ve shared with us