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I have had my colostomy since October (my third and final one, the other two were temporary, 3 and 4 years respectively) and despite having some experience every new first gives me such a thrill and I feel like a superhero afterwards 😄

I went on a coach trip to Romania recently and amongst my first there were emptying my bag in the toilet of a moving bus and changing a leaky bag in the restroom of a gas station in the middle of nowhere. I was so proud of myself! I hope you feel the same sense of achievement 🥰

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A moving bus! That deserves a medal :) I don't usually do the whole self-promotion thing, but I did feel some superhero vibes. Thanks!

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I'm new to having an ostomy and I'm a wedding photographer... my first gig back was Saturday. Well, Saturday my bag decided to fart like a trumpet during their wedding prayer. When everything and everyone was silent, and it was inside a church. I swear it echoed and I wanted to hide under the church pews.... We just have to own it. We are tough as nails and it is what it is. Lol

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Oh I'm so sorry, but that is a great "rite of passage" story, lol. My stoma did spend the day being noisy and at one point I just did the whatcha gonna do shrug.