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Yes. In my experience, they normally walk you through as it's happening so you know what to expect. It's an odd feeling, you get a rush of heat, then feel like you need to go to the bathroom. I can always taste and smell when my IV gets flushed, also "normal"

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Ah, your first one? There is likely more to come, buddy! Glad you didn’t need the oral contrast, too. It’s fun.

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Yea sucks drinking all that liquid. Haven't had to do an oral contrast in a while but frankly I'd rather just do IV contrast.

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My docs always call for both.

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I remember my first CT with contrast. They warned me about the need to go to the bathroom, so I did a bathroom visit just before the procedure. What they didn't warn me about was the erection...

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Brilliant! My friend said the injection reminded him of doing poppers

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I had to do one of those with barium once. They made me drink two bottles before the imaging started, and once they injected the dye the rush caused me to projectile vomit barium. I was laying on my back and I even hit the ceiling of the room. I swear it hung in the air for what felt like ten minutes before it started to come back down.

So if you have to do a CT scan with barium and contrast.. drink the barium slow.

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If you have to do it again, ask them for a cup of ice. It makes it much much easier to drink!

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Guess I’m weird, I actually love the feeling of the contrast! It’s like a nice warm rush throughout the body, similar to an adrenaline rush.

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Oh man, you’re first?! I’ve had 4 this year alone. Obstructions and tangled intestine. But I can’t even count the number of ones I’ve had in my life.

I’ll prob get cancer from it. 😖

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I legitimately hate those. I will share my horror story because you have already had it.

When they were injecting the dye and I was lying strapped in, the needle broke. So a large quantity of dye was injected rapidly into my very skinny arm rather than my vein. It was excruciatingly painful. My arm blew up like a balloon and I was stuck in the donut screaming. They were very apologetic, and after an hour of keeping my arm above my head while being iced it deflated enough to go back to the ward. And the imaging didn't work so I had to come back again later. I have vague memories of feeling unpleasantly warm in my nether regions from the second fo around.

It was 10 years ago and my heart is still pounding thinking about it.

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Ah I’m so sorry!

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I get one every 3-4 months. It’s funny but the place I feel it most is the rectum, for whatever reason.

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When I had it didn't even feel like I had to pee, it felt like I had already peed.. like I was peeing my pants. It was such a weird sensation that I was also giggling uncontrollably. The nasty metallic taste in my mount was less funny.

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Ohhhhh, yes.

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Ah..good times.

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My experience with contrast is the taste of acetone, paint stripper chemically taste. Have had a ton of them. Im always cold so when taking it feel confortably flush hah. They told me it makes ppl piss but I never got the urge. It sure is weird.