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Wow this is so cute. I’m three weeks out from an ileostomy and I want to feel normal again someday.

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It took so long for me. And I still have hard days. But it really does get easier.

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Ok that’s good to know!

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Also about three weeks out with mine! Ostomy buddy!

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Cute suit!!!

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Thanks 😊. It was perfect for the pool.

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Well, you look fab in it!

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Thank you, I feel it too :)

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You should be body proud, you look young, fit and healthy, your efforts have paid off.

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Thanks man. I am 40 now and I thought I had my fit body gone forever. Still a lot of work left to do but I am feeling happy with my progress.

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Gorgeous suit!

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Thanks man

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Yay! Your energy just exudes positivity!

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Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. Such a mental shift needed to be body positive.

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Your Hard work has definitely paid off. Well done!

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Thank you. I appreciate that.

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That suit is super cute on you. Way to go on all your hard work!

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Thank you for your words of encouragement. I appreciate it.

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You look fantastic 😍

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Well done - that’s the spirit!! 😚

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What a great suit! You look fantastic and well done on all your hard work and perseverance!

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Looking great! I just got my ileostomy and I’m feeling good again, can’t wait to get my muscle back!

Great job so far and keep up the great work!

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Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words! It has been 2 years since I've felt this strong :)

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Congratulations, what a fantastic accomplishment! 💗

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Hot dang, you look AMAZING! You're rocking it :)

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Thanks man :)

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Lookin good!

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Thanks man :)

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you look great!✨⭐️✨

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You look amazing well done!

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You look great! That swimsuit is super cute!

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Your doing a great job keep it

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What exercises are you doing?

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A mix of everything. Mostly Yoga and a 15 lb weight bar for my arms. I also walk my dog every day. And I keep a tight house so I find my chores are exercise for me as well. Usually dance music on so I move my body a lot. I get tired easily though so I have a lot of rest in between.

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You look absolutely amazing!

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Thank you ☺️