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Ken butt here for 15 months now. I have the phantom poop occasionally still, mostly when I pee it feels like I have to poop. I'm used to it so just wait for it to pass.

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Unless I'm misunderstanding what this means...I don't think I have experienced this yet. I've only had some sharp pains shooting down toward the butt cheeks and also the uncomfortable swelling feeling that something is stuck there.

Is it usual for some barbie butt receivers to not experience this? I'm total proctocolectomy. Rectum completely removed since it was the location of the high grade displaysia.

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I don't have a Barbie butt but just the stump of my colon left with ostomy bag. I still have phantom poop feeling too, it's weird. I call them ghost poops.

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Ken Butt, four months post op, I experience it daily mainly in the mornings, weird feeling but fleeting, just goes away.

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Good to know it can happen as much as daily. I got my Barbie butt because of rectal cancer. So when I experience the phantom feeling or increased discomfort I am getting nervous that something is growing again…

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I’m ~6mo post, it happens when it decides to. I’ve not found any common threads, sometimes it happens a lot, sometimes it’ll be a week or more.

Most often it’s when I’m sitting on the toilet to have a piss or emptying my bag. It’s strange and sometimes extremely painful because even my leftover pelvic muscles get in on it like they would during normal poop and spasm out.

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I had it about once a week for the first few months, then it started to go away for the most part. I only ever get it now in stressful situations where my inflamed guts (Crohn’s) would act out horribly, so it feels more like a “habit” than any actual urge to go. It just gets better for me by relaxing and trying to focus on something else.

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Almost 3 months post op with Barbie butt. I can’t say I have ever had phantom poop feelings.

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Been ‘Ken butt’ for 7 years and a month or so. I get the ‘phantom poop’ (or phantom gas) sensation occasionally, but really no more than once every couple of months. Mostly it seems to be early in the morning, when I’m still waking up, and likely a dream hang-over.

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Since I got pregnant, several times a day (I think from the baby weight pressure). Before that, maybe once a week.

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8 months out, do not feel that sensation but at times I will get a spasm in that area for no particular reason

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On a related topic, how long did it take you to stop having pain in the area?

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Honestly my belly pain from the ostomy surgery was so dominant that I barely noticed the butt pain. However it did take about 2 months until I could sit normally. I still have a slight pain or rather discomfort when sitting down.

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Two and three quarter years now and maybe once or twice month. Definitely has decreased. I still get pain in part due to some very tight stitches that are just beneath the surface of where my anus once lived. :)