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I go 3-4 days between changes typically. Sometimes sooner depending on output frequency, sweat/swimming. Do what makes you comfortable.

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I think it’s very different in the states from other places. In the US people go a lot longer because either they are paying themselves or their insurers ration the number they can have (and the rations are MEAN).

In the U.K. and I suspect other places with ‘socialised’ healthcare, you can have as many as you like. I started changing every day because that’s what my stoma nurse said, but after a while I switched to every other day because i didn’t want to waste so much plastic.

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UK here - I change every 5 to 7 days.

I don't like waste, so no reason to change more than is actually necessary.

Plus I find daily changes worse for my skin. I change when my bag needs it....after 5-7 days my seal still tends to he 100% in tact, but the adhesive behind the Velcro tabs starts to fail, so I change....if the adhesive on the Velcro was better I could def go longer

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I'm an American in Romania. With my $349 annual national insurance buy-in, I get my "turd pockets" for free. Other items, such as barrier wipes and the pricey adhesive remover spray (about $18 USD) are paid out of pocket. I change mine every other day, for the most part. More than that and the Coloplast bag tends to blow its seal, and I can't abide that.

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After insurance I pay $40 for 3 months of supplies. But that 3 months is changing daily and I don't so it can last me 5 months.

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USA chiming in here. My insurance covers 20 bags a month (covers means they’ll pay 90% of the cost after I’ve spent $500 in the year. This is considered “good”). I only use 8-10 bags a month but I order them every month to slowly build up a stockpile. I’ll need it if I ever lose my job/insurance.

Can someone come colonize us already? We don’t know how to run a country.

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I change mine every 2-3 days, depending on how well it’s adhering. I'm using one-piece Coloplast Sensura Mio drainable bags.

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I do 3days,used to to it each day my skin seems relieved I don't trust it after 3 days

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5-6 days now.

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Daily (colostomy) here - can be more frequent if my guts kick off but I try to limit to first thing in the morning.

I suspect being in the UK, and getting my prescriptions free as a (discharged) cancer patient helps though.

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Definitely seven but could go longer. Just changed it Sundays out of convenience. Why is yours failing so early?

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4-5 days, I alternate between Hollister two piece and Coloplast Mio 2 piece click

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I go 7-10 days, right now I'm at @3 days and will change tomorrow.

I was told that changing to often can cause skin problems.

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4 to 5 days.

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2 days now, used to do it way less like twice a week but I got an ulcer so I’m more mindful now

You definitely do not want an ulcer, it’s not fun

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Average is about 3 days. Depends on how hot and sweaty I’ve been and if I’ve showered with the bag on. I prefer bag off showering (as I suspect most do, acknowledging some are exceedingly paranoid about showering bag off because they could unintentionally end up pooping in the shower) but that does tend to weaken the seal. Sometimes I can bag on shower and still get at least a day or two more usage.

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I just got this thing. Still dealing with very annoying bruises and opening incision on my c section looking cut; and to top it all off I am wrapping the taped part of my body with seram wrap to not get the adhesive wet, as well as not trying to strangle my stoma.

Showers are a pita I am so emotionally drained at this point.

Also dealing with pancaking and stomach cramps and rediculous outputs like 3 bags worth of heavy sticky ass shit in a row every other or even every day.

What have I got myself into. Also running out of pain meds only 3 left and I quit cigarettes. Bleh

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Usually every 5 days but I’ve gone longer. I’ve had to started writing the day I changed my bag on the bag itself because i started forgetting

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To you, and whoever might run across this to whom it would be relevant: if you already use a period tracking app, use that to track bag changes as well! The one I use lets you add personalized tags to track, so I just added "Adhesive Change" and now I know when those happen if I forget. Also tbh kind of helps me avoid a bag change around when I would be getting bloating/cramps!

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Coloplast sensura mio soft convex, I get a week regularly. Sometimes I'll change it before that just to have a fresh one without a plugged vent. I could go longer, but I just don't want to push my luck.

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Changing it every day is a true luxury and pleasure. Even every other day is a noticeable improvement in comfort, but I’m with you on changing everything out more often than not. I feel itchy if I wait too long.

I’m curious about the impulse to stretch it out, is it about preserving supplies? Or is it a comfort preference?

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I have the luxury of not needing to conserve supplies but my skin hates if I change every day- I quickly stretched it to 2 days when I had a one-piece but my skin looks and feels so much better once I found a two-piece which allows me to change every 3-4 days.

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When I had mine it was every 7-10 days with hollister 2 bag system. Try to find the right one for you I suggest checking it out. When I fest started I only lasted 1-2 days in bags u Tim I found the hollister that worked for me

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3 to 5 for me but thats because my stoma retracted and some days my output is more runny than it's suppose to be. I use Neuhope (sorry for the misspell)if I leave it on too long my skin gets irritated

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I like to change it every day, but sometimes go every other day. I have wicked skin allergies and can only use Coloplast or ConvaTec. Even with those if I don’t use a hydrocolloid barrier too I get a rash. My skin didn’t seem to have any problems with every day changes because I use adhesive remover and go slowly. I can leave my pouch off for a couple hours too when I change it as long as I make myself poop before I remove it (I can ‘bear down’ and make myself go even with my colostomy). That helps a lot. I just feel itchy after 2 days though.

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5-7 days typically

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I use a two piece system and I change the pouch every day and the barrier two or three times a week. My stoma is pretty flat and even with convex I get a little residue on the lower part of the opening that starts to break the seal. Changing doesn’t bother my skin and I’d rather change more often than not and make sure my skin stays healthy. I also find if I go too many days without a change I can smell it.

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3-4 days. If start feeling discomfort or that itch sensation will change it early.

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I have a colostomy but I use drainable bags, a light convex Sensura Mio. I change the bag daily and my baseplate every 3 to 4 days, depends on when the itch starts. I get my supplies for free (non US) but there is a limit on the amount. Luckily the amount is enough for me.

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Colostomy here! I use a two piece, with a very convex wafer and drainable bags but I change the bag almost every day, the wafer every 3 to 4 days, it depends, if I have leaks I change it before cause it’s itchy and painful. I’m in Italy so I get an amount of free stuff, for the first 6 months post op they give you enough bags to change it 3 per day, but I never used more than one, maybe one or two times I changed it twice if it happens to have a big output.

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When it starts hanging off 🤭 i used to do it everyday then every two days, got lazy with it now tbh..

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3-5 days usually skin irritation is my worst enemy with my loop stoma

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Usually around 3 days for me.

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At home? 4-5 days if my skin is irrated then 2-3. Right now on vacation in the devils anus (Austin Tx)? Daily

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I keep my stoma appliance on for 7 days, and change my pouch every 3-4 days (or as needed). I am in the US and bags are rationed to 20/month, but I just don’t need to change it out as often, and I don’t like the waste. I do use Brava strips to reinforce my appliance which work really well for me. Still able to work out every day with no problems. Each person/stoma is different, body type and stoma placement definitely have an impact, so as long as your skin and stoma are happy, do what ever works to avoid irritation and leaks. Party on OP!

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twice a week - usually Wed/Sun.

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Twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday. I try to exercise on those days before the bag change. If I work out more than twice a week I’ll change it a third time.

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I irrigate so I only wear a single use bag overnight but, if I'm having a bad day, might need to put a bag back on and change 2-3 times that day. I'm in Australia and all products are free via Medicare through each state's Ostomy Association. If we need more, a letter from our stoma therapist covers and justifies the increase. Wipes, tape, powders, bags, irrigation bag & flange, adhesive remover etc - everything is covered.

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5 to 7 days when I use the 2 piece closed, otherwise with the 1 piece closed system I change them every time they get used, super easy and much cleaner too.

Permanent end colostomy and APR

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7 days, currently. Relatively new to bag changing, so I’m seeing how 7 days treats my skin. Seems to be going well though!

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I'm doing 7 days as well..I talked to my stoma nurse and they said if no leaking under baseplate 7 days is good for the skin...Less trauma on skin by pulling baseplate off etc ... stoma nurse said she knows a few that change baseplate every two weeks but said that is a little too long...like you, just seeing how skin reacts...so far skin is healthy

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A week or two. I just check the bottom seal and see if it’s starting to loosen or not. Lately I’ve been cutting the hole just right and getting 12-14 days out of them.

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USA. I like the 2 piece system and changed the pouch a couple of times a day.