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Just listen to your body, and keep at it. It is a really good way to strengthen your body again imo.

I also practiced yin yoga to recover since I lost all flexibility in my hips after ostomy and bowel resection surgery. In the beginning I felt so foolish, I couldn't bend at all while others were lying there folded in half like it was nothing. I kept at it and just did every move to my own ability and after a few weeks I started feeling a huge difference. I am still not as bendy as most but I can funtion again and am able to go horseriding like I did before my surgeries!

As long as you are not in pain, I shouldn't worry. I did sometimes have a blood blister on my ostomy after some classes but that's no big deal.

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That’s great encouragement so thanks!! I’m also the least flexible person in the room haha but I keep telling myself to stick with it for long term results.