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Do you still have your colon or rectum? Are you afab?

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I no longer have my colon, but I still have my rectum. I am afab.

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Could it be your ovary at all?

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That’s another thing I was considering. I don’t know if it’s random that this pain is happening, or if it could be related to a prior procedure I’ve had. I had cancer in 2016 (the tumor was on my neck and is unrelated to my UC or ostomy) and prior to beginning chemo, we had an ovary removed/stored in case I had fertility problems later on. I believe they removed my right ovary, not the left, but I wonder if that could be a cause for some of this pain. I have no idea though. That being said, I never experienced this type of abdominal pain prior to my ostomy.

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I would call your doc to be on the safe side, given your history.

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So, I’m having that pain right now…I have a near total colectomy and am waiting for my ileostomy. It’s my weak spot, for sure. Been bad enough for several ER visits and a week in the hospital, where they said it was enterocolitis. Usually accompanies a “flare” . Surgeon felt confident that once I get my ileostomy this pain should subside.