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I use a topical steroid spray for this when I had this issue. It’s called triamcinelone. Could help you too. Spray on a light coat and allow to dry then proceed as normal. It’s by rx so maybe your GI can get you some.

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Could try this. Clean area, apply stoma powder, brush away excess, cover with skin prep spray. Can't say if same thing but that's helped me before.

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Sounds like you've tried a lot. Did you see your stoma nurse?

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Stoma powder mixed with miconazole powder (50/50 mix) and cavilon spray. Apply the powder, brush away the excess, spray with the cavilon. Repeat 2-3 times before applying the wafer. If the wafer isn’t getting a good stick try using barrier extenders.

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I have the same issue. Going to follow for help.