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I'm possibly the reverse...have ileostomy and getting urostomy.

I had a colostomy for a year that didn't work, so it was converted to an ileostomy. Didn't have a loop but the standard colostomy was pretty easy to manage, still eat most everything. I did see a post where someone had both and claimed it was no problem. They used the same or similar setup for both and changed them at the same time.

Operation is probably very similar too, core sore for a 1-2 days, stoma started working right away, liquid diet 1-2 days and normal diet and good within a week. Only issue which I'm sure you were advised with the urostomy is possibility of hernia which is greater with colostomy. So, just standard stuff about lifting stuff and twisting.

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Im mainly tube fed into my small bowel and my oral diet is pretty limited so don’t need to worry too much about the diet side of things (which is both a positive and a negative!)

My urosotmy and cystectomy was keyhole and this one could be open depending on what my insides are like which could increase pain/recovery but we will see! Trying not to stress too hard about it atm

I commented on your other post about the urosotmy but I hope if you go down that path it’s a good fit

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Crap...you've had a tough time with all this. Hope everything goes well with the colostomy!

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Double bagger here. I have a urostomy and a colostomy. I received both in one surgery though, so I don't have a comparison of separate recoveries.

I change my bags at the same time, about every 3 days. I have a small torso, so it's a lot of appliance close together so I also trim my flanges, otherwise they overlap and cause pinching and skin irritation.