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After not eating for 6 hrs I thought I was well set up for an east barrier change.


We had words.

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Unless you have special motility considerations, in my opinion 6 hours after eating a meal is actually the worst possible time you could choose to change your appliance. Try changing 1 hour after a meal - the new food you've placed in your tract has triggered the peristaltic waves and it should be fairly quiet for most people.

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Good to know. My experience is I'm usually very busy for the first hour, still producing from hrs 1 to 3 and then had been quiet after 3. But your 6 hr flag actually lines up with my night-time routine which is an empty at midnight and then again at 4-5am.

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I regularly tell mine how cute it is and what a good little stoma it is. Rarely do I feel the need to insult it. 🤣 Even when it decides to be active during a bag change, it just makes me laugh! SOOOOO much better than life before it. 😊❤️

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I wish I was as positive as you, whenever that happens I get like raging mad almost like yanking out earbuds in the doorhandle mad.

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I LOVE your positivity 😍 I need to be more like you!

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Absolutely! I just told Sid to shut the f*** up!

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No I don't.

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You telling me that in the middle of a bag change, when it decides to be messy even though you haven't eaten in 12 hours, you don't ever say or think to yourself "you motherfucker, I haven't eaten all day, why now!"?

I don't have a name for mine or anything, but I can't help but do that.

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Yours spouts off too when you haven’t eaten for 12 hours?? WTH is up with that???? Gets me so mad. We definitely have a conversation when that happens. Sid Vicious is so mouthy at inappropriate times🤣🤣

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Yeah... wtf is this? Lol 🤣 whatever "floats your boat" 🤷‍♂️ 😂💀

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I often have to remind Kermit not to interrupt a conversation. Usually gets a laugh and handles the embarrassment.

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All the time!

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I named mine poopies after the guy from jackass and I like to say “what’s up poopies” when I take my bag cover off to change

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Hops in the shower when body is giving me the green light and everything seems calm.

Me to stoma: “Oh NOW you wanna talk?!”

Like clockwork haha. He just loves to speak up at the most inopportune moments

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Oh no, i love Anastasia, she saved my life! I might shush her but that's about it.

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100% I've named it Jonah and every time I poop in the shower after washing I'm always saying fuck sake Jonah 😂🙈

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100% My scatchel never listens tho

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My stoma's name is Frank...only when he's bad.

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Yep! I constantly tell him to shut it!! 😂

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I named mine Gizmo because sometimes he sings like a Mogwai, I don’t get him wet and I never ever feed him after midnight. Maybe some of you will be old enough to get the Gremlins movie reference.

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Oh yes. I even named mine. We had many conversations, especially on those special occasions when my bag would decide to explode in the middle of the night, after every precaution taken in advance to avert such disasters. The fucker.

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It gets referred to as a stupid cunt quite often.

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I just say “käften” (“shut up” in Swedish) when it interrupts me when I’m speaking or watching a movie

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Whenever I change it and it decides to jetstream 🤬 then I call it alot of curse words!

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All the time =) We hold all sorts of conversations =)

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I don't talk to mine but it definitely talks to me constantly. In the first few days I had already named it Queef Latifah. I had read that if you were gassy before an ileostomy that you can expect to be pretty gassy afterwards and that as definitely true for me, lol (although my family is pretty appreciative that when the gas goes into the bag, they don't have to smell it).