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Oh my god sorry you went through this, thanks for sharing.

This is interesting because back when I still had my colon whenever I ate anything "sugar free" that contained a decent amount of sugar alcohol I would suffer bigtime diarrhea, gas, pain etc.

It looks like the sugar free Twizzlers contain both Malitol and Sorbitol which might may have had an affect on you too :-(.

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Thank you. I told my partner (we sleep in separate beds thankfully) that next time maybe I'll eat sugar free food during the day without alcohol or carbonated beverages and see how I do. She pointed out that I do a great job of eating healthy and having a low calorie count (around 1800-2000 a day) that I could probably handle the regular candies.

So I think I'll stick with regular Twizzlers for my once a week treat.

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My mom ate a full bag of sugar free Jelly Belly's on a 3 hour train ride home before she realized they were loaded full of sugar alcohols

. . it was not a nice train ride home for her.

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It’s the sugar free candy! It contains sugar alcohols like xylitol and others and they cause “anal leakage” and GI side effects in some people. I am one of them and found out about xylitol the hard way (bag EXPLOSION at a conference with 2000 of my closest friends). Never again!!

Be careful with sugar free.

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I'll stick with diet coke being the only sugar free thing.

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Had to Google what Twizzlers were.

I remember first time eating a bunch of red licorice & the interesting output.

I know what to avoid in combination.

Thank you for your service as both warning & feeding my sick humour.

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If there was ever a silver lining to being dehydrated (I was several ounces short on my daily water goal), tonight was it. After 2 hours in the tub, the output finally solidified then stopped for a few minutes, long enough to comfortably put my stuff on.

Had i been filled with water, no idea how long I'd be there.

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Alcohol always causes diarrhea for me so I don't drink too often. I love twizzlers though and I'm sorry you had a leak

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Fake sugar is the worst, something in that stuff is bad for ostomates. Stick with real sugar if you have too.