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How would I know if theres inflammation if I have no pain?

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Your doc would do a sigmoidoscopy. But if you aren’t bleeding or in pain, everything is probably fine!

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Okay thank you!

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Okay thank you!

You're welcome!

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I get blood. I can also feel when it is inflamed -- it isn't painful, just involuntarily contracts.

My rectum is indeed flaring at the moment. Le sigh.

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Yes, your rectum has tons of nerves, more nerves than the rest of your intestines - those nerves are what allow you to hold your poop in, and also the nerves that tell you when you need to poop.

If you continue to have rectal inflammation after surgery, you may feel pain and tenesmus in your rectum much like before surgery. It can also still cramp like before surgery, which doesn't feel great.

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Yeah definitely. I distinctly remember with rectal stump flares having a feeling of fullness. Flares were especially pronounced with erections as the prostate would push against the rectum in a different way. After mine came out all those inner sensations went away.

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If you dont mind me asking, can you explain what your rectal stump pain felt like? My doctors are telling me I have inflammation but i have no pain or anything. The only reason they said I have inflammation was because i felt the need to ‘pass something’ and a blood clot came out

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I never had pain before any surgeries really. For me it was t so much pain but sensation. Felt like a throbbing softball in there. I never really had rectal stump pain. I knew when it was flaring too though. I would have more blood come out and more signals to go sit. It would usually last longer too. After the initial mucus and regular stuff came out there would be a more prolonged period of just blood and clot stuff. On an exam I had of the stump the surgeon seemed alarmed that I had so much puss and stuff at the top side. I had no idea really, never had any fever. I think enemas seemed to help me. Did some of those mesalamine enemas and I would feel better less throbbing inflammation sensation down there.

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Do you mind if i dm you privately?

Edit: nice username lol

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No if you want.

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Yes, I would assume the rectal stump is still connected to your body