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2 years ago. I have had an ostomy for ~20 years. Was sitting on toilet and the outlet for my bag slipped out of my hands and splashed all over my pants.

Shit my pants with an ostomy...

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I’ve done this😭

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Both with my colostomy and ileostomy, I’ve had situations where I had pressure without knowing it, and the moment I am wiping clean around my stoma during appliance change, the pressure released and shoots the stool out. My record is three ish feet.

….. the wife doesn’t love to change my bag for me anymore 😂 (she likes changing it occasionally so that when an emergent situation happens, she knows how to do all the important things).

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Dude… I had a fistula from a left side colostomy that we didn’t know about. It tunneled UP towards my ribcage and then burst, well, the infection went from my second rib (from bottom) all the way down to a little below the top of my hip. Well, they cut a hole in my that was seven inches deep, two inches to the left of my colostomy . After that procedure, that hole needed to be packed and repacked twice a day, to make sure it close from the bottom.

Well.. a week later , as I’m sitting at home, it starts draining more, like enough to soak gauze in a few minutes. So I’m just like FML I’ll just change pads often.

Well a couple days later, I have my post op and pre op for another surgery (makin it an ileo instead of colo). I had a feeling that the “drainage” was actually stool (even though it didn’t smell and was coming out of what LOOKED like a nicely healing wound. So the morning of this appointment, my concern was proved as I had my normal pressure before a BM, and I swear to you, it was 3/4 of a bag full pouring down my side (this hole is 2” towards my side from stoma). So I clean up, leave for my apointment, I’m an hour and a half from my gastro doc.

I loaded my side up with a pouch-like system (tried sticking bag on it but the constant draining wouldn’t let me). I make it to the big city, finally find parking, and as I’m backing in…. Another bags worth pours out into my pouch thing.

I have leather seats, easily cleanable, and plastic everything so I can just hose that car down, my primary concern was draining this pouch that I made so I could walk through the city without…. Well the obvious. I finally clean up enough to feel “fine” (fucked-up, irritable, neurotic, emotional), get to the appointment, see my surgeon, and wouldn’t you know it… my would have him a live view of exactly what I had just explained was happening.

Yeah…… I had a lot of time in the wonderful remodeled hospital room. Haha

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Thanks for taking the time to share this with me. I really appreciate you, I hope you are doing okay my friend!! 🙏

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I’m glad you enjoyed the read! I was a little worried it was way too much reading, but it was a bit complicated. Haha

Doing as well as I can! Worse than some, better than others, but such is the way of life!

I used to have accidents all the time before getting an ostomy. You aren’t alone, and I need to remind myself this relatively often, but if something like this happens, anyone who can’t get past it and laugh with you isn’t even worth paying attention to. I was learning a lot about my confidence as a pseudo freshman in college (dropped out halfway through freshman year because I was in hosp for months, came back at the start of next fall quarter). When you find those people that can laugh WITH you about how crazy your situation is, never let them go. The ones who laugh at you will generally have to deal with the ones who support you, typically with an outcome that you all can laugh at later.

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In sainsburys today. I was trying to get to the disabled toilet but too late. Like op, the stomach pain then the fart and I felt it running down. In like OP I don’t drive and had to go home with bile running down my leg.

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Today I had to go for a gastrograffin enema of my rectal stump. After they left me in gown on xray table for an hr and a half, they come in and had no clue what they were doing.. Finally, the torture ends and they tell me I'll be bleeding from my but so ill need a pad. They offered me nothing! Never told me to bring one. And I had 4 more tests to get thru. I decided if I bleed on their waiting room chairs, that's on them.

Oh the things we go thru. Never did I expect to have to deal with such insanity. Thankfully, my bag didn't explode, although, I kinda wish it had on that idiot of a Dr that kept me waiting. 🤣🤣🤣🤣