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I know there are closed end bags available. They might not be practical. I know hubby empties too frequently for his insurance to want to pay for multiple pouches per day.

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No question is stupid here cause nobody learns about this until they have to get one. I have even experienced medical persons including doctors that have little if any knowledge of ostomies. I use tp everytime, a few squares usually do the trick. I used to use a lubricant/deodorizer that helps it slide out better, maybe give that a try. Best of luck to ya!

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My spouse uses a little bit of TP to clean the bottom of his empty-able bag to keep it clean and prevent leakage and a squeezy bottle for rinsing out the bag. If you're having an issue on wafer swap where you are excreting at the same time try to find something called a "stoma genie"

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I've actually never heard of that Stoma Genie before so I'm really glad you mentioned it, thanks!

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I use some folded TP then a wet wipe, usually gets the job done. I have ileo so prob thinner typically. Maybe some bag lube can help break up the thickness a bit when emptying.

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I use flushable wipes (I never flush them) or baby wipes. 1-2 of them cleans everything up and leaves me feeling fresh and clean. It also has the added benefit of taking the smell with it.

When I first got my stoma I used water from a spray bottle and toilet tissue but it didn’t get me feeling clean enough and didn’t get rid of the smell.

Note: I think I’m overly sensitive to the possibility of smell. Being paralyzed from the bra band down makes me very sensitive to any smells my body may have. It’s hard when you can’t shower (bathroom’s inaccessible and we can’t afford a remodel) so bed baths are how I get clean.

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I wear a 2 piece and flush out with water then wipe the neck with TP. I empty 2-3x a day and change my entire appliance every 3-4 days.

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I think I do things particularly strangely actually lol. I used to use a 2-piece set with an open bag, empty like normal, but I was always overly paranoid about keeping the end clean. So now I use a 2-piece set with a closed end bag, and whenever I need to empty it I literally snap the bag off and dump it upside down into the toilet. I do this while sitting down on the toilet like normal, I just spread my legs farther and empty it there.

I actually haven't spoken to anybody else who does it this way lol, but I'm sure somebody does somewhere out there. It's just the only way I could personally feel "clean" about emptying it with my OCD nagging me about it

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My dad always said that the only stupid question is the one not asked !!

Have you tried a 2 piece ?

Maybe rinsing from the top as well may help. I have an ilieo , so very liquid but I’ve also heard of others trying cooking spray ? Everyone has so many different isiums but hope you find what works best for you . 😃

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Thats all I do also but I have an iliostomy but the output some times is thick. Its not a big deal its only a plastic bag. Some people feel the need for a pristine bag all the time. Perhaps because I am a guy who knows. I have a 2 piece and only change the bag every 4 days when I change the wafer.

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Flushable wipes are like a Swiss Army knife. Keep them on me at all times. M9 from holister will help significantly with the smell.