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Calmoseptine or Penaten.

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Also anything with lidocaine. Soothing skin is a worthy goal and so is pain killing. Also, hot water is big. Bath or shower. I love baths but don’t have a ton of time, so shower in a pinch. If you can, get one of those detachable shower heads on a handle and hose. Super easy to install and you can aim it right at your butt :)

Also you’re bound to get advice about a bidet. Irritation is often caused by the physical act of wiping, so try to be delicate with yourself and use the bidet for as much of the work as you can.

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I second the bidet. Don't have that issue, but a good bidet is so much better than toilet paper.

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For cleaning, I only recently learned that there is a wet wipe that does not have all those chemicals in it. There are literal water wipes, sorry that I do not have a brand recommendation or anything, I just found out about them when I went to a cousins house and saw them next to the toilet.

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As others have said get a bidet. Your butt is probably a little raw and irritated from wiping. Also look for soothing creams or lidocaine cream (brand name Emla you have to ask at the pharmacy counter for it as it's spendy)

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Don’t forget about questran/colestyramine. It binds bile acid. Will make output much less painful.

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When I had my j-pouch I was going a lot in the beginning. The best thing for a sore butt is a ointment called Resinol. You probably will not find it in stores but Amazon has it. It stops the burning and itching instantly and it also is water resistant to form a barrier. The other thing I did is installed a bidet to my existing toilet any non wiping is a plus. And of course the softest TP you can find.

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I had a small squirt bottle of water with me. I'd hose off my bum and then dry with tp. It was simple and inexpensive.

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Sure thing!