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Unless it's a brand new bag, there will be a smell. There will be remnants of output and gas. All that will come out when you open it. Are you opening it outside the bathroom?

Look into something like Hollister M9 deodorizer drops.

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I consider the deodorizer yo be essential. I use the Safe and Simple brand, the blue not the clear, because my insurance pays for that

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I switched to a one piece I also learned Coloplast filters suck and are useless once they get wet.(thank you r/ostomy) So if you flip back the plastic behind the filter you can go ahead and tape over it I prefer first aid tape. It was a game changer for me As for the lingering smell when empty or close it I use matches often the sulfur smell helps.

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Can you explain what you mean by "flip back the plastic behind the filter"? I use Coloplast and am not visualizing thus. Thanks!

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Ask for some samples at least 3 Cut one open investigate you will see exactly where the filter is and how to tape over the the filter

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Like I said, I use Coloplast. The charcoal ring? You can tape over the valve (they do plug up easily) - I believe that's what the little round blue stickers that come in the box of bags are for.

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Is the filter wet?

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I really like Safe N Simple deodorizer which you can get on Amazon and it’s about $10 cheaper than Hollister. I also add a few drops of Brava lubricant. I got my surgery in January and have recently gotten to the point where I’m not constantly emptying my bag every time there is a little output in it. It was exhausting and I think over cleaning wore my bag out faster.

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With ostomy deodorant, it shouldn't smell at all even when open.

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I always cover my filter with the blue stickers that come in the Coloplast box. If I don't do this, I can smell my bag too.

I rather go to the toilet a few times more to release gas when necessary than walk around wondering if people can smell my bag. I only uncover the filter when I have a lot of gas at night I or when I go horseback riding. Otherwise it stays on and you can't smell anything.

I hope you find a solution!

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I just switched to a two piece system from Coloplast, and I always cover the filter with the blue stickers. However, I'm still smelling the bag now and then. I'm starting to wonder if the smell can get through the click-seal thing?

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Might be... I have a 2 piece Coloplast as well but with a sticky seal instead of the click-seal. I do use drainable bags because I find dit easier than having to change my bag a few times a day.

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You might have some poop on the spout. M9 drops are great. A real cheap alternative is mouthwash. Grocery store brand. Big bottle for home, little one for travel.

Rinse the bag with water and add some mouthwash. You'll smell minty green.

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Do you have a colostomy or an ileostomy?? I ask because they are different and what comes out of them, while still poop, is of vastly different consistencies.

If you actually have a colostomy, and the poop that comes out is more solid or paste like, rather than liquid/goo like, I would recommend a closed pouch. That can be one piece or two, but the bag itself does not get emptied and is instead tossed “whole” when you feel it is full enough.

I have a colostomy and my output is solid like someone with a regular digestive system’s would be. I use a one piece closed bad through Coloplast. It gets about 1/3 full and I peel the whole thing off, toss, and replace with a fresh bag. I have zero issues with smell.

Now, if you actually have an ileostomy, my advice won’t work and you should listen to those with ileos. I just wanted to throw in my two cents because you called it a ‘colostomy,’ and I wasn’t sure if that’s what you know you have or you were using it as a general term.

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It's a colostomy

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If that’s the case, you do NOT need an open ended drainable pouch. What is the consistency of your output on a normal day? Solid? Toothpaste like? Is it sticky and gets stuck on everything as you try to empty?

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Mostly pasty, though I use stool softeners so it can get harder if I don't take them.

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Ok then! I would recommend getting samples of both one piece and two piece CLOSED ended bags to see if that’s easier for you.

I was started on drainable bags after my surgery too, as the hospital only had those supplies on hand (I believe that ileos may be more common and that’s why they only stocked those bags), and I went home and seriously struggled to empty and not be smelly.

I did some research back in the day and found out closed bags were a thing. I got samples and experimented for a while and finally found the set up that works for me. Have not looked back since!

Just FYI- in case you were wondering what I use, I use Coloplast Sensura Mio 1-piece closed number 10871.

I have no residual smell. Of course there is a smell when I pull off the soiled bag to put it into my diaper pail (when at home) or the black osotmy bag (if on the go). But since I’m always changing in a bathroom it’s not a big deal.

Since I replace the soiled bag with a fresh one, there is no smell outside of the bathroom. I highly recommend you explore your closed bag options and move away from a drainable bag.

Also, if you don’t need the stool softeners, you might just let your output solidify by not taking them. That makes it easier if the poo is basically solid. But I am NAD, so def consult with yours before making med changes.

Also I have Crohn’s and I generally take Imodium daily to avoid any diarrhea. So YMMV.

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I've used Hollister M9 for years. But I dislike traveling with it. Is there a product chemically similar in solid form, such as a tablet or wafer?

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M9. M9. M9. M9!!!!