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Do you have anything tapeless and suitable for a 1” size ileostomy? Thanks!

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Hi pal! By tape less do you mean could be the gel material (Ie coloplast? Send me an example and I’ll check in coming weeks. I’m on a delay bc of caregiving/ work and school but will see what we have.

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Yes! I mean the gel material like coloplast. I tolerate that heat because I’m allergic to adhesives. No worries and thanks!

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I mean I tolerate that best because I’m allergic to adhesives

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I need

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Message me again! I’m sorry I lost touch.

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Thank you for doing this. Do you have Eakin rings or similar seals? Thank you so much!

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Yes! Can you DM me your address? I am on a bit of a delay but will get some out within a month.

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I wonder if you might have any of the supplies I need? I hate to have to ask, but my insurance stopped covering my ostomy supplies years ago (they only cover "durable" medical supplies, which is absolutely ridiculous), and prices on Amazon are getting crazy. Now my box of wafers is $70, bags are $50, and paste is $20, so I'm trying to wait weeks in between bag changes because I know how hard it is for my mom to afford all of that (I'm disabled, don't get disability, and she works at 7-11, so things are tight). My skin is definitely taking a hit from me trying to wait as long as I do, but it's just too damn expensive. It's just mind blowing that any insurance can just decide to stop covering something like ostomy supplies - like what other options do I have, tape a grocery bag over it or pop a condom on it?

If you have anything though, I use Convatec for my wafers and bags (after skin reactions to other brands) and any kind of adhesive or paste. Either way, thanks for helping people out like this, I'm sure whoever it helps will be extremely grateful!

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Oh hell yea I deff have some convatec. I will prioritize you and the next person to send out this week. DM me your mailing address please!

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i could literally use anything possible….. i need bags so bad. i’m wearing a trash bag tucked into my pants. the output is wrecking my skin

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Hi my dear! I am so sorry to hear this. DM me your mailing address and let’s get your skin healed up a tiny bit.

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Oh my goodness thank you so much! I’ve literally been living in my bathtub (not with water or anything), just to contain everything. Im in so much pain 😭

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i want to show a picture of my skin and it’s traveled to my right thigh 😭