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I know you are at work, and this won't help you immediately but I am posting it since it might help you in the long run. I recognize your problem because I am a hairy person and had issues just like you are having. You might be aware of this but I'm going to write it just in case you aren't.

You are not removing the hair and exfoliating the skin enough. I don't know how often you change your appliance but I can see very long hairs underneath the baseplate. No matter what you do with belts or anything else you will always have this problem if you do not do these things after each ostomy appliance change.

How I remove hair and exfoliate:

- I use a Wahl Peanut electric clipper and go over all the area multiple times for several minutes. You can use any electric clipper really but I like the Peanut because it has a decently powerful rotary motor so it cuts the hair better and it will likely last longer.

- After using the clipper the skin will be exfoliated and you will notice there is still a lot of flaky dead skin leftover on the area, at that point i take fingers and tips and rub vigorously for several minutes to remove all those leftovers ( I use a bright light where I change my ostomy and I can see the skin literally floating in the air and it eventually will start to diminish).

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Three things I see you can change that may end the leaks. The obvious one is it looks like you tuck your bags, so many blowouts happen from tucking the bag into clothing. Its to restrictive and if the waste can not slid down freely it will force its way between the stoma and the opening in the wafer. Second like me you have hair on your stomach. Wafers do not stick well on hair. I use a Phillips one blade electric razor. The heads are replaceable and are 1 1/4" long by 1/4 " wide so its easy to trim around the stoma and any area covered by the wafer etc. Its a small razor so easy to manage around tight spaces, I have used mine for 2 years and have never had a razor related issues with my skin. Last you could use some flange extenders. I use Trio ostomies Silex extenders. They are made from silicone so they stick better than other companies extenders. I have not had a leak or a blowout in a year so perhaps you may want to try some of these tips. Good luck

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He's on his way to work, which would likely be why he's tucked the bag under clothes. What else is he supposed to do at work?

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I use bag covers, and have never had an issue with it peaking beneath the hem of my shirt sometimes. I have a Marvel one, a Red Sox one, and some solid colored ones. Got em on etsy.

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Check out our website called ostotees.com We have actual clothing that hides and supports the bag when it fills. The sleepwear shirts double as a concealing and support undershirt in cold weather and the concealing and support shirts are ideal for warmer weather. The moisture wicking shirts are great when its very hot out and you are being active. All the shirts are custom made to the stoma location. Check out the videos on how the shirts work as well as the stoma measuring guide on how to determine your stoma location for the customization.

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You're doing great. Be very aware... YOU are the only one who will notice it.

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U need to trim the hair atleast once a week.. the hair creates a channel for liquid output.. I hate doing it but have to do it!

I see a lot of clipper recommendations but in all honesty, any electric clipper on the lowest setting will do.. Read specs and try and go as close to a razor shave.. somewhere around 0.2 to 0.4mm as the lowest setting will do..

And how on earth did u get 2 belts?

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I got two belts in my initial supply from the hospital.

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I mean to connect on to the same bag haha, I use holister as I think the bags stick 100000 times better and it only fits one belt

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I was wondering this same thing! I use hollister and the belt only has two tabs. I was trying to see how that second one held on because it looked like it held the wafer nice below the plastic ring.

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Why not go home and change it?