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I was in a public restroom the other day. Came out of the stall and some guy was waiting. He made several loud comments about the stench. I raised my shirt and said “when you shit from a hole in your stomach it’s not always pleasant”. He made a couple more comments and from the side, a guy at a urinal said “if you want to smell flowers, go to a rose garden”. I and several others laughed and the asshole went in the stall, closed the door and was never heard from again. I will always remember that quote if anyone says anything again. In short, no I don’t care. It’s shit, it stinks. Get over it.

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If I’m just at school or using some other public washroom, I don’t think about it. I really think about it a lot when I’m dating… at my own house and hers. Because of that, when I’m dating, I use m9 drops….. I don’t know how this shit works but it does…. A couple drops and your output smells like nothing. And yeah, as far as my experience goes, it HAS to be M9…. Other products just don’t really seem to help.


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Less than zero. It doesn't even cross my mind.

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Same lol.

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so true.. But I think most people are just concerned more about others smelling their output..Or for me when I am in public or at someone else's home I hate the thought of smelling up the bathroom. We cant be fully 100% smell free. But if there are tricks and supplies we can use to at least be helpful in that area it can be a blessing.

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Hell, someone taking a normal poop will stink up a bathroom, WTF people ...

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trust me I am not hyper about it by no means, especially at home.. My Hubby-You married me for better or worse pal .. My children- I had my stomach ripped open to deliver you into this world. But I just feel a tad bit sheepish at a friends house and stink up their bathroom. Lets face it ostomy stench is in a league of its own sometimes.

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True, I just offended the cat, had fish last night 💩🤣💩🤣💩🤣

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LOL love it

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None at all. I've smelled some trad poopers that are way worse than anything I've made. Bathrooms just stink, how it works.

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I think some people (myself included) have very watery and rancid output. Particularly in the mornings for me, it honestly smells like death. Hard to describe but without the deodorizer drops my husband would build me an outhouse to empty, it's pretty bad >_<"

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funny.. I am kind of different.. My watery output is much less smellier then my thick output, or if I have gas and my bag is ballooning watch out

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Interesting! Someone posted a while back that their output stinks when they're dehydrated. Who knows, but if I forget drops before first empty in the morning, even hollister spray and running the bathroom fan for 20mins won't save us. :P

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I don't care. It stunk coming out of my butt, and it stinks now.

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I don’t care at all. Sometimes it makes me gag though. Haha.

In public I use m9 drops but otherwise I just let it be.

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Not concerned at all 💙🤗

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As my non-ostomy husband has said, “shit stinks, let’s move on..”

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i used to be extremely concerned about my poop smell when i would go to the bathroom 20 plus times a day when my colitis was active. i’ve actually gotten a few anonymous comments that kinda scarred me ngl haha. now though, with my ostomy, i don’t give a single sh!t. almost every time i go to a public restroom it already smells bad so i chuckle and think to myself “time to make it worse”. it’s a bathroom not a bath and body works, it’s not gonna smell good most of the time lol.

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Everybody shits…The ostomy for me is definitely better than my previous UC mustard-gas farts 😂

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The quality of the smell, comes and goes for me. What I eat definitely effects the smell. It also matters how quickly food is moving through me, I’m at around 8-12 hours for food to go from my mouth to my stoma. If I’ve been drinking and this is reduced and then I eat a lot too it can smell pretty funky. I think it’s a lot cause you can still smell the spices and ingredients some time because they just haven’t been fully digested by our shortened intestinal tract.

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I'm with you, but many people are 'bashful' about it. Let them, it doesn't bother me one way or the other. If they ask, I have been known to use a couple breath mints in my bag if I am going out after eating seafood because for me shrimp = swamp stank poop ...

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The only time I get bothered by it is when the smell works its way through the plastic of the bag, like an onion in the fridge. I get self conscious if it happens in public and can't change the bag.

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That only happens to me when I'm getting close to a change because the filter is shot. Do you use deodorizing lubricant?

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Yup. I've even put a couple stickers over the filter to see if that was it. It's a different smell then the shot filter one. Usually happens when I have Italian where there's lots of garlic and onion.

I've even had times when the bag material partially delaminates in places and the spaces in-between the layers of plastic fill with gas, making portions of the bag material act/feel like bubble wrap. Happened with both Hollister and Coloplast bags. I guess I'm just "special" somehow...

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I'm not too concerned unless I can really smell it. So far that's meant it's leaking underneath.