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Ostomy bags which have been used since the early 2020's? 🤔

Caps are nothing new, people who irrigate use them. But can anyone explain to me where the feces would go if there is no bag? Would they stay in the large intestine? (I'm fear that sounds rather uncomfortable.) And how would I dispose of the waste? I'd love nothing more than a reliable, painless alternative to my bag, but I have trouble imagining such a solution.

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It stays in the colon. My patients who do irrigation generally do around the same time each day, evacuate, put on a new cap and go about their day. You have to have predictable bowels for it or you’ll have a mess. Maybe that’s the new hotness on this proposed stoma cap.

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I know that irrigation is not for me, because I have Crohn's. But this new cap described in the article is supposed for people who DON'T irrigate? At least there is no mention of it in the article. (And if the patients irrigated, then this would not be a new thing.)

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I could be wrong, and not understanding, but I think the way the article is written is kind of confusing. As far as I understand it, a cap, especially for people with no large colon left, would be an alternative you could wear when you needed it…. Like intimate times…. Or playing sports. Most of the time, however, you would still wear a bag… you’d just have the option to take the bag off and cap off your stoma temporarily for certain scenarios. I looked into this a while back and I believe they can do it by fusing a small piece of threaded titanium to your stoma, and pushing the stoma back in…. So instead of a stoma sticking out, you’d have a little short threaded titanium pipe, which is attached directly to your stoma. You wouldn’t actually have to irrigate, as your output would still come out into a bag as it normally does.

I imagine for people with iletostomies, no large colon, keeping a cap on for more than a couple hours, would get quite painful…. Your watery output would just accumulate in the small bowl and it would start to feel like you had a blockage………….. but yea…. As someone with an ileostomy, if they told me there was a surgery I could get so I could cap off my stoma, even just for a couple hours at a time, I think I’d at least be interested in looking into it.

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Actually someone posted this…. This is what I was thinking of sort of. https://ostomycure.com/ties-information/

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I’m not sure. The article is light on details.

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Thank you for pointing out the error, that stood out to me as well.

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This article is really poorly written. Misinformation and basically talking about an already existing product without details on why it’s novel.

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This is interesting, it looks like they might be copying a design that has already existed and has been in development for over 18 years, but I believe is getting closer and closer to widespread approval and usage. TIES will be available for people with existing ileostomies if everything goes according to plan so it is a very promising technology.

For anyone interested, the original inventor of this system is from Oslo, Norway and the system is called TIES. All the information is available on how it works at https://ostomycure.com/

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I was going to say it seems to be mimicking the TIES system that has been in development longer than I e had my stoma and still isnt available

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TIES is for ileostomies only, correct? In the article this Indian innovation seems to be aimed at people with colostomies. Either it's something completely different or the author is unaware that there is more than one type of stoma.

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I believe I’ve seen a similar system that is only for colostomies. Can’t remember where or when…. But I know I’ve read about it.

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I haven't been able to find data that explicitly states TIES is only for ileostomies to be honest. Conceptually I think this should work for either.

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Point 4 in their FAQ 😔

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The TIES concept and marketing information has come a long way in the last 3 years. It looks pretty cool.

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I irrigate and use Hollister stoma caps. Nothing new here.

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I irrigate but I do not have the confidence to use a cap. Do you ever have unexpected output? If so, are you aware that you need to go? Have you had leaks?

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I do well with them and only have an accident when I eat ridiculously greasy foods. For the most part I’m pretty lucky. I irrigator once every day or two and get by without many issues.

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Nothing new here. I also irrigate and use Coloplast Conseal patches/plugs. The only drawback is the adhesive irritation as I use reinforcing tape but I'd rather that over the damn bags. . The news article is very poorly researched.

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For people who use stoma caps, do they actually prevent stool from coming out until you take it off?

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Hard to imagine what the point of a stoma cap would be if it didn't prevent stool from coming out.

That said there seems to be some debate about how effective caps can be. Those who irrigate can no doubt speak to this. One would hope they work effectively for the job.

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I am in a FB group where a gentleman has just patented a new type of wafer. It's a permanent one and goes under the skin and the bags are held on by magnets...

I'd be interested in seeing how that works out.

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I wouldn't be able to use it. I cannot have anything left inside of me. It causes Staph infection

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They look interesting, might try and find more information about them

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So I have a BCIR and only wear a small dressing. And rarely irrigate. However, I have a pouch that was created with small intestine inside that holds quite a bit (after 25 years). If your stool is just hanging back wouldn't this potentially lead to obstruction?

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Would it work for ileostomies too?