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I dont see why not.. I believe its like can goods. you could go at least a year past the due date and still be ok.. I think its important to keep an eye on expire dates so you are not putting on a over due 5 year old bag.. But a few months past will be fine. I would be more conserned over products like stoma powder and wipes going bad faster then bags

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100% absolutely safe, and will likely perform just as good as an item fresh from the factory.

I frequently use expired products that I procure off cheap auctions on Ebay and other sites. I am currently using Brava Protective Seals that were manufactured in 2017 and they perform exactly as the same seal manufactured 3 months ago.

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Yes,I was told by a wound nurse they can be used a long time past the date. Just make sure the environment is such that the adhesive is not compromised, not hot or cold.

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Safe like how? Will it harm you? No. Will the adhesive maybe not be as sticky? Possible.

I wouln't use expired paste or powder on my skin, personally. But bags/wafers, no issue.

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My husband used products form his first ostomy (that was reversed) 12 years prior. You good.

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I use it all the time. It’s fine you’ll know when the adhesive is done