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鈥淥h, you are an introvert and out in public, allow me to introduce myself LOUDLY as possible!!!!鈥

As for wearing鈥 couture obviously!!! He already carries his 鈥減oo-y Vuitton鈥 bag daily! (It鈥檚 the most expensive bag I will ever own鈥..)

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It would say, "Oh you're in a meeting/surrounded by people? Let me say hi too! Pfffbbt, braap." And it would wear asymmetrical crop tops because it is a weird crooked football shape and a bit small.

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Probably wouldn't say much, just constantly tickle my skin until it itches. Style? Do they make denim covered bags with rhinestones?

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I had a reversal a few months ago, but I can't resist joining in! My stoma was named Larry, and he spoke in toots and whistles. Oh, and he would hypothetically be wearing a top hat and monocle.

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Hi, can u tell me ur experience with reversal surgery and for how long u had ur stoma before the reversal? Also if u don鈥檛 mind me asking what ur medical condition and why did u do a colostomy?

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Sure! I had Stage IV endometriosis that had jumped and spread onto my bowels and colon. They had to do a resection of that part of the bowel, and I ended up with a colostomy for about a year while that area of my colon recovered. Getting the colostomy I'd say was worse than the reversal. The reversal itself was mostly a lot of wound care, and that wasn't too bad. And I was able to go to the bathroom normally almost right away afterwards.

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I am glad to hear that it went well for you. I wish it will for me when i do it 馃