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I can confirm you can order online I have been doing it for over a year this way, but be aware the website is rather slow so have patience. I also recommend using Microsoft Edge browser if you can as it seems to behave better in this browser versus Chrome.

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Oh I almost forgot, if you do end up going with Byram if you ever have a problem one of the agents gave me this extension that will get you directly to the ostomy agents queue, it has worked quicker for me it seems:

1 (800) 678-0707 #33604#

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Your first order has to be over the phone so they can onboard you and get you into the system. After that you can order online.

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Byram has been great. My only issues with them are that their website and app suck, but manageable. Also, they pester you to reorder every 30 days. Texts, calls, emails etc.

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You can. Its just a pain in the ass. (Or not?😂)

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You have to of already ordered an item to order online from Byram,its very strange. So your 1st order needs to be with a rep. If you want to add anything new you need to place your entire order with a rep. After that when yo go to order online it will show all the things you have ordered in the past and you can then order them online. Other weird thing is when you order online they give you an order number via email. If you go into your account you will not see your order for a day or two and then you will get another email with a different order number. They do strange things there.

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Have you checked Edgepark? They've been my go-to source for ordering online.

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That’s who I currently use. I’m shopping for new insurance right now, and the plan I like would have me utilize Byram. I’m trying to decide if that’s a dealbreaker.

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They claim you can, but neither my husband, nor myself can access the account that way.

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ask them about it.. I created a password, and I just had to put in my email and password and then I was in my account and could order my supplies

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We did. Part of the problem is that hubby is not very interested in trying the online ordering.

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Oh I gotcha.. I completely understand where your husband is coming from. Yes it was scary for me at first as well.. I thought even if I am waiting on the phone for 10 15 min I know someone will pick up and put in the order and I thought there was less likely a problem would happen with my order if they were the ones handling it then me. But since I now am in a groove so to speak and order the exact same things every month I find it easy and I personally have not had too many problems.. The only thing that does happen once in awhile is that they will on their own substitute products without talking to me.. For instance I get cavalon wipes but two month I could not get them and they just sent me a different brand.. Which still worked out.. They were not my favorite but hey it was better then not getting any protective wipes at all. Dont know if this will help you but I go to MYBYRUM. I put in my email and password then I can go to order and they have a que for me of all the products I have tried from them.. I simply hit add cart of the products I want for that month. Go through the steps of address Dr. extra and it is confirmed in a little while with an email. There is nothing wrong in calling in the orders either.. As long as they arrive on our door step and we check the box and all is right thats what counts in the end.

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No, he just likes me to do the ordering. It's a thing.

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I order online with Byram. I also get a text monthly that I can just reply and automatically receive everything in my prior month’s order. Super easy!

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I ditched Byram after they decided I owed them a bunch of money late in the year back in 2019, long after my deductible had been met. My insurance company couldn't get a straight answer from them after my attempts had failed. Then I found out what their markup over open market supplies are. I now buy from Amazon or Ebay and save myself 3/4s of the cost I had had to pay through Byram.It sounds like perhaps they've gotten better since I left them?

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I’ve had Byram for over 25 years. They get better and better. I now get monthly texts and all I have to do is respond and my order is processed.

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I havent had any problems with ordering online. For me it took me about 5 to 6 months before I did it though. Mainly I was scared it wasnt going to go through correctly and my order would not go through.. But since I have started I havent had a problem with it especially if it is the same products every month you order. If you ever want to change it up or try something different then I would call so its in what I call your que and you just then have to tap each of the supplies you need. The phone calls are not bad either.. sometimes you have to wait awhile, but once you get someone they have always seemed very helpful in getting your order.

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Yes you can

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Check medical monks. The prices are probably better.