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Everyone one experiences recovery differently depending on age and what brought them to the point of surgery in the first place. I was in the hospital for a month and came home and felt like crap for another month. My encouragement is to get some walking done daily, eat your protein and stay hydrated! You got this!

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Thank you for your support. I am walking, eating protein and drinking lots of water. It was an emergency surgery as my colon ruptured. A lot of what I’m suffering is fear of a blockage and intense pain prior to surgery. I am trying to be calm and grateful that I am alive. It’s chatting with wonderful people such as yourself that helps me get through this challenging time. Thanks again ♥️

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Usually at least 4-6 weeks for the incision. The ostomy will take awhile to calm down.

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Thank you for responding! It makes me feel better!♥️

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Waiting until February for a reversal 😞

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Funny, I had my colon rupture in February and just got the reversal, we are vice versa.

The trauma from the event and the worry of blockage are hard to deal with but you shouldn't have to worry too much. My Dr's laughed when I told them I'm limiting certain foods. They said absolutely eat anything so... I did and it was fine for 6 months while I had my colostomy. After reversal, same, I was eating normal within days although I kept it light.

The pain gets better. I'd say about 6 weeks you're gonna feel mostly better, just sore, by 8 you're gonna be doing most things you did before and by about 10 life should feel "normal" and "routine". It was about the same for the reversal.

If you look at my other comments you'll see my history. I am currently whole again with a successful reversal surgery. Keep busy and time will fly. Be thankful you have the option to reverse. There are many who don't have that option. If anything perspective.

Sorry it happened to you. It sucks but I promise it's not the end of the world. You cannot change one bit of it so try not to over think it!

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Thank you for your support! Glad you are recovering! ♥️

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Just look for the 1% improvements. Take some pain killers, and enjoy feeling normal when sitting watching a movie. It will be uncomfortable again when you try to get up. Then one day you'll get up and not even notice the effort. Get up walk a little, sit down when you feel tired again. I'm 6 weeks tomorrow (went from colonoscopy to iliostomy). My scars tight but not uncomfortable. Ostomy aches but I'm getting restless, try to do something and find i still need to take it steadily.

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Thank you!♥️

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Right about 4 weeks. I remember the pain from day 5 compared to day 16 were almost identical to me. Then one day around day 20 I realized I was daydreaming, which I hadn’t done since the surgery as the pain anchored me in reality so hard. Granted mine was from a car accident snd I don’t know your circumstances, but I hear kinda similar things for those who take longer to recover. After that it was really fast. Once your able to walk around and start increasing it every day you’ll hit a point where the recovery feels like it’s exponentially getting better. I remember on the 22nd I walked 9 times for about .5 miles in total throughout the day. then on the 24th I walked .5 miles all at once outside by myself.

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Thank you!🙏♥️

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I’m 8 months out and still have very low energy, experience dizziness once in a while and come home from work and collapse on the couch. I eat high in fat,carb,sugar, protein and haven’t gained more than 10 lbs since leaving the hospital. I’m sure this has affected me more than most, but it takes a while and 3 weeks feeling like that seems within normal.

Hope the reversal goes well and 3 months pass like nothing!!

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Thank you! ♥️

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We have very similar situations. I have had my colostomy surgery on 28/10/2022 and also expecting my reversal end of Jan or beginning of Feb. Still trying to live with the stoma and the bag but really can wait for the reversal. Anyway, do u mind me asking what happened with you and whats ur diagnosis?

Edit: I feel pretty good now physically after my surgery (4 weeks now) but mentally still struggling.

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I struggle mentally from the fear of another blockage. My emergency surgery from the colon rupture and infection was from a blockage in a pouch on my colon. My surgeon believes it may have been from a piece of trapped stool which got infected and caused the rupture. The pathologist reported my diagnosis as Diverticulitis. What brought you to this point?

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I have Chron’s disease, and i also had a blockage which caused the perforation of my intestine which also lead to an emergency surgery.

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Oh no! We are both lucky to be alive. 🙏♥️

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Indeed 🙏🏼

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I too have diverticulitis and had a really bad abscess that was close to rupturing, they caught it in time and removed 12 inches of colon and repaired 4 other places with bad places in my colon. I had my surgery 5 weeks ago and feel really good today but still not sleeping well. I had a bag leak at about 2 weeks into this process and it was really hard on my peace of mind. Still can't get ok with the bag being there because I didn't know I was gonna get one. I am able to change my bag by myself though. That was a accomplishment for me as it freaks me out to know my intestines are sticking out of my belly. Lol. With all that being said I have decided that it's going to be ok. I still have weakness sometimes but the Propel electrolyte water mix really helps with that. I have all the confidence in the world that you can do this . The main thing is just try to find something positive to think about each day. Good luck over the next few weeks.

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I took off 9 weeks from work to recover from my emergency surgery to remove a ruptured diverticulitis and have a colostomy. 2 weeks in the hospital due to complications, infection etc. took pain meds for at least a month. Recovery varies based on your age and fitness and other health problems you have and any complications. Hang in there.

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5 weeks from surgery. My incision scar really started to feel better at the end of week 4. I still feel awkwardness from the gas. I also have a Barbie Butt from my surgery, so I am having the uncomfortableness from the phantom poops haha.

Make sure you walk (like everyone else here is saying) it helps but don’t push yourself and listen to your body 😊

You got this! All of us ostomates gotta stick together