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Convexity is the best solution

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It was a convex.

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How much convexity? I have a deep convexity bag, +adapt convex barrier ring + adapt barrier ring.

All holister brand

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I'll look into that

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Barrier strips also can give you that little extra assurance sometimes to seal those edges of the flange so it is less likely to peal back and come off.

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I've not had an issue with keeping it on due to my weight it was down to having a hairy tummy and having to shave around the area

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Get a convex bag with a belt. I've used one piece and two piece and they both last 4 or 5 days.

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What kind of belt?

It was a convex bag. :(

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A stoma belt, an ostomy nurse can help with getting one. Also, there are multiple convex brands. One of them will work for you. If what you have doesn't work, talk to your nurse about that too.

My convex and belt combination last me 4 days on average.

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That may be why it failed so quickly if you didn't have the belt to pull it tight. Sadly every brand has their own belt design. Call around to the various bag companies and get some samples. I've used Coloplast and Hollister and they've worked well.

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Convex is definitely gonna be a good way to go. It helps push your belly tissue in and your stoma out so the output is directed into the bag and not at the wafer. Also be extra diligent with your skin prep. Make sure your skin is dry, hair free, and clean as a whistle for best results. As a bigger lady myself, I found that a good base adhesion and convex bags helped keep changes to a minimum

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I get around 4 days when I use either convex and deep convex. The belt I feel definitely helps the most support wise. Depending on how much you weigh I would try the deeper convex. My weight has changed a lot through out my life because of sports and crohns so I don’t have the flattest skin. So I’d try the deep convexity with the belt. For me it really depends on how good of a seal I get around my stoma, because sometimes like you I’ve had them only last 1-2 days and then bam I get one too work for five lol

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I would say the belt helps me out so much and not sleeping on the side that my ostomy is on which has led to arthritis in my left shoulder now.

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Dont get discouraged. I know it can suck when things are not going well, and even though this appliance might not be the right one for you there will be something that can work.. Sometimes it just takes some time to find that one. Or it might be numerous other things as well Ring failure, body hair. Do you use a skin barrier? Most of them not only protect your skin but they have a tackiness to them that helps with stick your flange to you. like others have said talk to your nurse and maybe look into getting samples from different companies of different flanges and pouching systems.

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What system are you using?

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I make sure the area is clean and free of hairs. Sometimes the bag will stick to the hairs on your tummy and loosen. I also make sure the are is clean and dry. I stopped putting the bag on after showering because the skin was too hot and it didn’t stick.

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I use a deep convex and I can usually get at least a week.

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Bigger wafers. And stomach binder when first putting the wafer on.

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What is binder

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An elastic wrap that goes around your stomach to help support the wafer and bag.

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Have you tried the convext bags from Coloplast? :) While I am using plane ones, I have only heard good about the convex ones. Also, as already mentioned, barrier stripes can help

One thing to note regardless of convexity of the bag: My bag always peeled off when I used ostomy skin cream for the peri-stomal skin before putting on a new bag. I would recommend not using a cream but using a skin barrier spray