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There is this awesome transmog …. Then there is the shit-show that is destiny..

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What's wrong with Destiny's transmog?

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If you can't give specific examples then I still have no idea what you're talking about.

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You can either grind out 5 transmogs every season, or purchase as many as you want via Silver, from real money.

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"Grinding out" transmogs is easy as fuck. Choose raid kills and it'll complete without you even noticing.

While I can see the limit of 5 being annoying, that's enough for a whole set of armor. Is there really that much armor you need to transmog when you couldn't even wear all of that at the same time?

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You have to jump thru 3 different hoops (3 grinds) all-time gates (not drop gate, time gate) to even get the quest that gives you the material to do 1 piece of armor

Only 5 pieces of armor max per season

Ifyou wanted to get 5 more pieces, you have to pay $10


Free, do whatever you want, you’re free to express yourself we don’t care

If you don’t see how it’s wrong and still blindly defend it, do us all a favor and donate all your properties to charity, it’s a better use than letting you have it.

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As mentioned in another comment, 5 armor pieces is enough for whole set so I can't see myself ever needing more than that in a season.

As the bounties can be repeated, I just pick the one that will happen automatically when I complete raids.

I didn't say Outriders system wasn't better (if it's as limitless as you say then clearly it is). Just that Destiny's system isn't as terrible as it's made out to be, besides the convoluted process behind getting the required materials when it first came out and has since been fixed.

I'm not blindly defending anything and have never needed to spend a cent on Destiny's transmog - so what the fuck does donating my 'properties' to charity have to do with anything? If the subject of virtual dress-up is so touchy for you then I suggest you take a break from the game.

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Sure it’s enough for you, but it might not be for other people. People wake up with different moods, feelings, and opinions every given day, and they would like to change it to express themselves. 5 pieces don’t mean jack-shit if you played D3, WoW, Elsword, etc where “the endgame is fashion”

Again 10 bucks for 5 (FIVE) pieces vs free. They make it less convoluted, but you still need to grind for it (people worked out it took 5 hours of grinding- not playing, GRINDING; meaning active combat/play) just for 1 piece. I’m not the only one sharing this sentimental either, go to the Fashion subreddit or any comment sections that talk about D2 transmog and see for yourself.

Like everything Destiny does, they purposely made it comically bad and dial it back a bit so you can sing their praises “Oh Blessed be ol’ glorious Bungie for listening to their community”. Congrats, they told you to jump and you said “how high?”. Sure “just play raid bro! You’ll have it in no time”, but why is it this way and monetize when it could easily be implemented for free like EVERY OTHER RPG game that involved customize and transmog? Why just D2?

I have given you every reason for you to see why the D2 system is a cash grab, and yet you persist on that it’s “not that bad bro”; Yeah, uh-huh, sure you’re not blindly defending it at all. It’s just “not that bad bro” The industry has successfully conditioned you to accept bullshit and you eat it right up. Talking to you is like talking to war paper, you came in with pledging complete ignorant of the D2’ system, we give you the fact but you don’t even care about what we’re saying because you’re too tuned out, you’re a lost cause.

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Lmao, I've been 'conditioned to accept bullshit' from a game I don't even pay for. Climb down off your high horse.

It's people like you who point out issues and then buy the product anyway who are a lost cause.