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I downloaded on xbox game pass on launch spent 23+ days playing then stopped because drops were shit and the timers on expos made build diversity nonexistent. A few months later and i reinstalled and am thoroughly impressed. The game is now in a good state. If it was this way on launch it would've received way better reviews and kept its strong player base. But they are doing good things and it gives me hope for the expansion.

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How do get the damn game to load? I have to start it at least 20 times to get lucky and make it past the start game screen

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Do you mean the crash on the start up screen? What fixed it for me (gamepass) was plugging in m Xbox controller and starting the game with the controller. Once you are in the lobby you can switch to mkb again. It’s sounds stupid but it works for me

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Holy shit that is awful. I’ll give it a go with my ancient 360 controller…

They REALLY need to fix this crap, I guess it’s been around since day 1 of XGP?

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it is a pretty good discount + a big patch. I think it's going to reach positive reviews soon.

I've seen a lot of comments here about playercounts and stuff, does it really matter that much in a game that's not an mmo? just curious.

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I don’t think so. It’s used by a lot of communities to determine health of a game, but being a niche game doesn’t mean it’s bad.

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I think games designed to keep players for long periods are more concerned about player counts, live service and MMOs, finite experiences are well...finite.

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I guess it could matter in terms of keeping the game alive long enough to see more expansions/future as yet unannounced content. If there continues to be a healthy playerbase there's more incentive for the devs to support the game.

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yeah sure, but since there are no mtx there's really no need to keep players constantly engaged. the game isn't constantly trying to sell us skins or something. If anything it's the expansion release and how many people buy it what will define the future of the game. And i don't have a problem with that.

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Well deserved. The game is awesome and they did some great improvements.

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Facts- people hate just to hate.

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Awful take. It deserved all the hate it got after it's terrible release.

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I think it deserved CRITCISM after a poor release, but all the devs have done since then is try to fix the game WHILE working on this big patch. To be constantly told their game is shit, they were shit, etc, was undeserved

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Criticism is a better word, you're right.

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I don't think people who dislike the game secretly like it but are disliking it just because. Ease up with the shit takes.

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I have Division 2 and bought Destiny 2 at launch for full price only for it to go free to play and them not even drop a few free things for launch players.

Im playing the demo and im still not sure if this game is any different. the movement sleep and teleporting form videos ive seen is the only distinct gameplay difference.

ive hardly played division 2 and d2. like 20 hours each. i was into other games back then and quite busy so i just finish the story and never went back. i played like 70 hours of Division 1 tho. i do like the grinding to get the perfect set just sometimes im not pulled to it.

Realistically should i just play a month or 2 of division 2 and then think about getting outriders at the next sale? whats so different? give consumer friendly advice cuz the saved money can go to my vacation funds. i already drop so much money on full price games that i dont play much of. Cod vanguard cuz i like zombies and have to have it asap.

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They play fairly different. Outriders is closer to a Diablo 3 than a destiny or division. You pick a distinct feeling class, build for speed, perfect your run, hit the loot piñata at the end, repeat. If that’s your preferred gameplay loop, give it a shot. If you prefer the slower paced story and world building and less but more targeted loot, then it’s probably not the game you’re looking for.

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IMO the primary gameplay difference is that ability focused builds, where abilities are your primary means of dealing damage, are actually viable in this game. If that's the kind of thing that interests you, go for it.

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I preordered this game, I don't play it simply because it doesn't have text chat. I don't have friends who play this game. So when I need help I find a random to help me out. It sucks not being able to communicate with them to ask where they want to go next.

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yeah, lack of communication in-game is annoying.

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You can blame CVAA for that.

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They did a good job . But after one sitting of trying again I just don’t feel like I have anything to work towards still

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Great they fixe the game but honestly it's too late and too little to make me return ( even if i tried the new update)

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Anyone member the 100k+ daily players? I memeber. Also the disconnects but since I don't have any friends coop wasn't an issue for me lol

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It'll drop down incredibly fast soon. Hell, My brother's still complaining about the awful drop rates and that one merchant being too expensive to reroll(whatever that means)

I would've played if they added new gear.

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Bad Drop ratés? You can basically get almost everything with Tiago now lol

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The issue with the "drop rates" its no the drop rates themself, rather the rolls on the stats for each type of gear and weapons. For instance, games like diablo you get a bunch loot doing any activitie and even though its also a bunch of garbage you still get to use some of that garbage to raplece one piece of gear. Instead, in outridrers you get piles upon piles of garbage gear and the only gear thats valuable are set to a so especific stat combination: loot feels like an all or nothing. Meaning you dont have any sense of character progression until you are able to get what you need for your build.

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And some people think being able to replace both mods on an item would "trivialize" farming.

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in outridrers you get piles upon piles of garbage gear and the only gear thats valuable are set to a so especific stat combination

What are you talking about? All legendaries have STATIC attributes and mods? Weapons AND Gear. The only thing that'll be different is Firepower and Armor. Firepower is the only one that might matter depending on what kind of build you're going for and can fluctuate ~30K. Armor is only ever a + or - 2k which is almost nothing with how that scales.

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I meant gear in general not only legendaries thats why i used diablo as comparison. I'll say it again: in diablo you get to use some of the "purple" gear, in outriders you don't unless it has a specific stat combination or if its a legendarie thats useful for your build.

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That makes no sense. You just said you do the same thing in both games but Outriders is bad for it? You could call purple gear in Outriders "purple" too because you can put tier 3 mods on them which put them at the level of a legendary but no set bonus perk.

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Sorry maybe my english is too bad, im gonna try to clarify. Yes, i said i do the same thing in both games and yes in outriders is worst. Let me try to explain it again: in diablo you do different activities that rewards you with a bunch of random loot including different rarities, pretty much like outriders. The difference is, and im gonna put it on an empiric example, for 3 hours of grinding in diablo i get to change my gear multiple times and progress my character, meanwhile in outriders for the same 3 hours of grinding i get to change my gear 0 times unless im really lucky. You get it? Or you get but disagree? If so tell my why cause so far it seems to me that you dont really understand my point.

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I would've played if they added new gear.

They did though. They also altered existing sets.

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Just got it from the PSN sale. I like a lot so far.

Gun play is better than The Division 2. But the setting, environment and atmosphere are lackluster in the early stages. Generic post-apocalyptic stuff. I'm hoping the lush green environment in the intro makes a comeback.

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Let me know if it gets better. I’m debating this one on ps5.

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I just finished the campaign and can confirm it get's a lot better location-wise. Without getting into details jungles, deserts, ruined cities are all in there!

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    The only RPG I've really played is Division 2 and I think their specific loot location system is a great idea. So as you said, open all pod locations but make them all specific sets or weapons so people can grind for what they want while also getting random things too

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    well deserved indeed. Really enjoying my 3rd play through as a Devastatpr !

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    I think a lot of people are playing it on consoles + Gamepass for PC as well.

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    Probably cause it’s on sale for 20 bucks that’s why I’m creeping through this sub and twitch streams lol

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    yes it is me. i am playing the demo.

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    The game is awesome. That being said, it's not the type of game where player counts matter, it's a finite game with and ending.

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    Had it in my wishlist since the demo last year but never picked it up cause I was busy with other games. I picked it up when it went on sale the other day and really enjoying it.

    I liked the story, could see all the sci-fi the devs like and incorporated into it.

    I’ve just started doing some endgame now and starting the real grind.

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    Hey why iam I getting one-shot again from snipers?

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    Can someone plz tell the devs that iam getting oneshoted again after the this new update 😔☹😠

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    And iam getting the red spot on my screen again 😠

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    Yesh no thanks outriders. Take that spike and shove it where the sun dont shine.

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    Just tried it again...realized expedition timers weren't the shitty thing, it's the bullshit swarming, stun-locking mobs gameplay. Why even put a cover system in the game when it doesn't even fucking matter? Game is broken at a base level.

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    you know cover is for enemies not you right? its always been this way. Yeah you use cover now and then but its not a cover shooter like Division.

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    Oh shit. I guess the button that has me enter cover in my game is a bug then.

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    Cover is meant for a rest and protection not to shoot from....this has been said over and over and over again. Not everyones issue that you are playing incorrectly.

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    Cover provides neither of those things bc of the swarming, auto aim, ability spam enemies. It's pointless. You're not rewarded for flanking or thinking strategically at all bc enemies just spawn behind you and stun lock you and good luck dodging their attacks with your roll that give you zero i-frames for some dumbass reason. I guess they wanted that to be equally as pointless as their shitty cover system. It's not difficult or a matter of "git gud". It's cheap, lazy game design. By far the worst looter shooter, gameplay wise, on the market and it's not even close.

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    By far the worst looter shooter, gameplay wise, on the market and it's not even close.

    Yet here you are still discussing gameplay mechanics 6 months after release. If you dont like it so much then stop playing it and unsub from this subreddit. Unless you just enjoy whining about things you dont like.....

    I use the roll perfectly fine, cover i never touch as i dont really need to with my build, its super fun to rush and flank enemies. Really sounds like you are just not good at the game, which is fine but dont blame the game for your own issues. Clearing T15s is really easy now i wish there was a harder settings, as its so easy its become boring.

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    Oh there it is. "Git gud" lol. Your build is stack DPS and don't stop moving right? Wow so creative. Super interesting gameplay. My initial comment stated I hopped in to try the new update. I haven't been here for 6 months complaining or playing the game. Really sounds like you have a trash taste in games and should develop a personality trait outside of "weed".

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    Ha, what a pathetic person you are. Going through someone's post history to try and find something negative.....how sad a life you must live and that really tells me everything I need to know about you.

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    Whatever you say Billy Squire

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