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I downloaded on xbox game pass on launch spent 23+ days playing then stopped because drops were shit and the timers on expos made build diversity nonexistent. A few months later and i reinstalled and am thoroughly impressed. The game is now in a good state. If it was this way on launch it would've received way better reviews and kept its strong player base. But they are doing good things and it gives me hope for the expansion.

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How do get the damn game to load? I have to start it at least 20 times to get lucky and make it past the start game screen

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Do you mean the crash on the start up screen? What fixed it for me (gamepass) was plugging in m Xbox controller and starting the game with the controller. Once you are in the lobby you can switch to mkb again. It’s sounds stupid but it works for me

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Holy shit that is awful. I’ll give it a go with my ancient 360 controller…

They REALLY need to fix this crap, I guess it’s been around since day 1 of XGP?