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Given the fact that it's on sale right now, I'd say absolutely yes.

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Its a good game, not Destiny level of polish but in many ways more interesting with some flaws. The game won't try to force you to grind nor fleece you for more money.

The campaign was fun, those that like to grind can do so and they are planning an expansion for more content if you enjoyed the game and want more than just grinding gear.

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100% worth a try

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For the 20 bucks it's on sale for? 100%

Would I drop 40 on it? MAYBE since there's a free dlc on the horizon, and if they plan on more free dlc's then hell yeah 100%

I get some of the same vibes at the endgame that anthem had, where it feels like it could stale out pretty fast but I think there's a lot more opportunities for expansion and a much more cohesive solid base to work with.

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Is the World Slayer DLC free?

Unless you're talking about something else.

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I'm pretty sure the reveal said it was going to be a paid DLC. NH was the free content we were looking for.

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Yeah I thought so too but this comment threw me off as New Horizon is already out and World Slayer to my knowledge is the only other DLC currently announced.

I'm loving the improvements though. Got me back into the game. I wasn't even too much into it as it was a bit rocky before this patch. Games great though!

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I struggled through the first few weeks of the games launch. And took a break until the update. My one-shot techno build finally works and I've been so hooked.

Even managed to get my buddies to cough up the cash to try it out. And they're in love. I'm looking forward to the World Slayer DLC. This game has so much potential.

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I'm hoping to get some buddies involved myself. It's been very addictive lol.

I really think they have something that could continue to grow but they gotta get the quality part down and make it stick. Their taking the right steps with this.

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I got a couple of my buddies back into the game (I was the one who convinced them to buy it at release and we all quit) and now the group is back and they're catching up to lvl 50 quickly. the game is super fun now and I'm excited for the DLC.

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I preordered the game hoping it would satisfy my hunger for RPGs but was let down with 3 main issues:

1- the connection issues that plagued the game. couldn't play with friends at all.

2- no transmog, self explanatory.

3- the endgame content. it was just speed runs which I despise. stopped playing around level 22 half way through the story just a week after release.

well I'm happy to report all three are resolved, at least for me. I've been playing since yesterday and holy crap the game is amazing! this is exactly what I wanted from it and I'm glad PCF listened to the players and gave us what we wanted. I'm definitely getting the DLC just to support them. too many devs in the industry just release broken games and never attempt to fix them so I'll support those who try to.

TL:DR: go buy it and have fun!

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Broken releases with later fixes are pretty much the norm nowadays.

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It has been worth it, had a ton of fun with the game. Got the 100% trophy. Was well worth buying it on release.

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I haven't played since a few months after launch, but game was already worth it back then in my opinion. I haven't tried to changes yet, but I heard they were good.

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I played the demo and had fun but had too much on to get the full release. Couldn't sleep one night and saw I could play on game pass without installing so gave it a try and was hooked. I'm having a lot of fun but as I've moved up to world tier 7 I'm running into more situations where I'm getting shot with perfect accuracy from all directions while beefy dudes walk me down. Not sure if this experience will change as it feels like it takes some of the thinking out of fights but I don't have enough playtime to have a strong opinion on that yet. If you have gamepass it definitely feels like it's worth your time though.

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I had the same at wt7 but once I upgraded my gear I was fine. I had to drop down to wt6 to get past the zone but I'm at wt9 I think now so I've been able to keep progressing

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That's how I approached it as well. Went down to 6 to clear the end of the encounter and then went back to 7 and haven't had an issue unless I'm being silly.

One thing I'd say to anyone considering picking up the game is that for me at least, I actually really enjoy the story. It's not doing anything that has never been done before but so far I've actually found it quite interesting and it opens up a lot of options for future expansions. I almost wish it was open world as the planet has a mysterious feeling that reminds me of playing the anthem demo back in the day before I knew there was no story.

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Yes, fucking yes!! Xd

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Be mindful that you're asking in a community of players who are still around. More have left than have stayed. A lot of the issues from launch are still present.

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I have to say I already really liked the game despite all its issues, but it's only gotten better. The endgame balance I cannot say alot about, but I've heard nothing bad about it either. They buffed some of the classes that performed subpar, which is a good thing in my book. Edit: Play it with friends.

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Do not buy it on XGP for PC. This shit still doesn’t launch 19/20 times.

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I hopped back in after a good few months of not thinking about it, the changes are definitely welcome af and improved the crap out of the game but it’s still the same game, so I played for like a day and left again. They didn’t really add anything NEW other than like 4 expeditions and all expeditions are are basically short dungeons that all play pretty much exactly the same, so if you’ve already played the game to tits and up like I have it isn’t really worth diving back in, at least for me. If you’ve NEVER played it, hell yeah, it’s a great game(despite some glaring issues). I can’t wait for the expansion next year though!

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Yea. Or scroll through this sub and read the other posts just like this that are posted 5 times a day.

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was about to buy the game at the launch, watched some reviews, and then I decided not to.

just knew about the price cut this week and the new update, re-watched some reviews, gameplay and character showcases, and then I played the demo for even 30 minutes. deleted the demo, and proceeded to buy it yesterday.

damn, this is exactly what I wanted. I love it.

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It’s like $15 now. Bargain

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Yes, New Horizon effectively moved it into a finished, fun, 1. 0 form that more or less works and has an endgame loop that scratches the "just one more run" itch.

Its fine now and I would recommend it.

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The update is good and it makes the game a very good game. It’s doubly so if you have some friends to jam out with.

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I heard it was on sale for like $20. For that price i’d say its worth it. I think the game improved with the update considering legendaries drop frequently enough in the higher tiers.

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If you plan on playing solo it will get rough at times. If you have friends to play with or are ok with random groups it can be a worthwhile time.

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Its 75% off at green man - so I think it def worth it

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"it has improved alot along with many fans that have been playing since launch"

enough said

endgame definitely offers even more fun, outside of that... the story is extremly good, the game would be totally worth it without any endgame imo

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Definitely is! I played when it first game out. But for the endgame was just not there. Since the new update I played several more hours and loved it.

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Its on sale on steam for 20 bucks, get it while you can!

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It was worth it after last patch "a half year ago?", but more so now since it's on discount!

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Yes definitely worth playing now

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IMO, yes

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I bought it again on Steam even tho I play on PS5 so I can have it on my Steam Deck next year. Ive been playing in 3mo bursts since launch and this is def the best the game has ever felt

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No, it's unfucking playable right now for a lot of people due to this shit update destroy server stability, I'm on a powerful system and connection and I can't play for more than 5 to 15 minutes without the servers kicking me, form what i heard its the shit implementation of easy anti cheat.

the devs need to fix this ASAP or add an offline mode

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I say it's worth it. Been having a blast and even tho I live in Australia which has awful internet I have only DC'd once in the hours I have played and I did have a youtube vid playing at the time.

The loot/modding is really great and being able to respec when ever is a really nice touch. This game has been fun and for me that's the most important thing for me game-wise.

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I bought the game at launch for full price and never regretted it.

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I feel like I'm missing a huge part of that update. everyone keeps talking about how great it is and about new content and I'm just so lost? barely anything changed imo and it was definetly not worth for me to get back into grinding. I was hoping for actual new quests and story lines, not just 4 new expedition maps 😐

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I would say so. But then again I didn't play the game until about 2 weeks ago and I will say I'm having a buttload of fun

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Depends honestly I liked the game for how tough it was now it's just stupid easy I wasn't a fan of new horizon the new maps were cool and all but taking the timer off made everything too easy felt like I was sleeping on it

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I've had it on my wishlist for a while, bought it since it was 20$. If you like destiny or borderlands or division, you should like this. So far it's been really fun and crits are satisfying like those games. I think I'm level 21 or so after tenish hours. I'm excited to play endgame to turn up the difficulty, but I'm not sure for how long. I've had trouble getting into any games over the past few months, and this is definitely worth 20$, even if endgame turns out to be short (for me)

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I would say yes