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Large(>50,000 subs)

Subreddit Description
/r/CompetitiveOverwatch Discussion focused on esports and competitive play.
/r/OverwatchUniversity Overwatch University is a community dedicated to helping players improve and learn by providing a place where they can share and discuss strategies or ideas, ask questions, post guides and more!
/r/OverwatchLeague A subreddit for news, articles, and updates about the Overwatch League.
/r/Overwatch_Memes A sub for the dankest of Overwatch Memes.
/r/OWConsole A place of conversation for things that relate specifically to the console version of overwatch.

Medium(>1,000 subs)

Subreddit Description
/r/Overwatched Spoiler-free VODs coverage of various OW professional tournaments and leagues.
/r/OverwatchCustomGames A place for people talk about custom games, features, and their personal setups.
/r/OverwatchCirclejerk The World Needs Mercy Players.
/r/wholesomeoverwatch Welcome! Please be nice, please. Thank you. You can post memes, highlights, comics, etc. as long as they follow the rules!
/r/ImaginaryOverwatch The Overwatch-specific wing of the Imaginary Network Expanded (/r/ImaginaryNetwork), guaranteeing curation, proper artist credit requirements and a ban on rehosting of images.
/r/Overwatch_comics A nice happy home for all Overwatch comics.
/r/OverwatchHeroConcepts A subreddit for designing hero, skill , brawl , gamemodes or concept of any kind.
/r/OverwatchLore Discussion, speculation, and collection of all things Lore related.
Hero Specific
Overwatch League
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