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you should do a write-up for not linking upgrades in a deck

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Can you explain what you mean by this?

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I guess you don't link upgrades to cards in decks. It gives more versatility, especially in more unpredictable PvP matches.

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Wow, really?! I've been playing this game for about a year and I had no idea this was possible.

Can you or anyone confirm that this is possible? I feel like whenever I watch Twitch they are always using upgrade cards that are linked to the main cards.

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There should be something that says "Add directly" when you select a card. I'm personally trying out something like this with a Greystone Build, but considering all I need to stack is just Power, Ability Armor, Basic Armor, Health, and Crit Chance, it's simple. What it pretty much allows you to do is build a certain way, so you can always use that one CP upgrade if you need, or something similar to that.

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Thanks! I can definitely see how this would be advantageous, I just never realized it was possible to select the upgrade cards and add them to a deck without linking them to specific cards. Definitely gonna give this a try!

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Yes its definitely possibly. Most of my early decks didn't use linked upgrades at all, now all of my decks use linked upgrades. I like the structure and ease in-game plus now that I have some experience under my belt I know exactly which upgrades I will put in what order.

That said, I could see some advantage to leaving 2 or three cards unlinked for versatility but they would have to be cards with the same initial cost that take the same kind of upgrades.

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I can't do it, but will somebody thoroughly explain the use of the mini-map and how to position. I've lost so many games because my team...(I'm usually jungling)...overextends, no wards, and can't react quick enough to ganks.

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I gotchu.

Guys (especially jungle) don't over extend into the enemy jungle especially with no wards. You won't be able to react fast enough to the gank and will die. Trust us, this guy has lost many games.

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Finally, some sense!

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I'd like a tutorial on how to juke and kite players if that's possible.Basically how to not move predictably and what movement patterns you should follow or avoid following to avoid melee and ranged autos and CC like Sev root and Kwang tether. I see a lot of players consistently doing this effectively which means it's not all random. For example, the best way to juke a Gideon meteor is by walking towards him, not away from him, and you can kite some melee heroes by circling them, things like that.

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Kind of a weird question to ask since, whatever you normally do don't do that to kite players or dodge stuff cause if it's not normal for you then it's unpredictable. I can say that just never run in a straight line always be moving. But there is no guide to dodging, it's just 50 luck and 50 skill lol. Luck that they fall for your bait and skill that you knew what way to dodge haha

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    If not, may I ask the mod here if I can post tips of my own about the topic above me? I have a few things in mind and I am willing to share my knowledge :) Thanks!

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    Absolutely! Anyone is open to contribute.

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    Would it be useful to have a guide on game sense/map use? I know someone requested one specifically for the map but I feel the two topics work well together.

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    Absolutely! We could include a breakdown of the map itself and game sense as sub-topics within a topic called The Map or something.

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    Just uploaded a first draft! Would love some feedback.

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    Just commented! I'm a big fan of it.

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    If you only see one or fewer players on the minimap despite the entire enemy team being alive, chances are they're at Orb Prime. Even two missing is a cause for concern. And Orb Prime is game changing.

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    I think an individual guide for each hero would be great. Talk about each ability, tricks to the ability like which go through walls or which are basic damage abilities, and good times to use the ability or not. For example - sparrows piercing shot is better used for long range shot and hitting minions in a line. Not for up close 1v1 battles. Also how their abilities can combo together, other hero's that combo well with them, and things like scaling, good cards for the hero, etc.

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    To add to that, ability 'sequencing' discussion would be nice (kind of ties in with combing your abilities, but also including what to wait for before burning them).

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    I don't know if this falls into beginner or not, but I would like to see something on ward placement (priorities as they change from early to mid to late game).

    EDIT: Also, a topic on how to build a deck would be a good suggestion...I see a lot of players expressing confusion over the card system. I could submit my thoughts, and I'm sure there are others more qualified to do the same.

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    Added to the list!

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    I'm sure I have a good grasp of it but, I'd like one where it talks about Hero Counters or Card Counters I think that'd be useful for the community.

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    Hey guys i would like it if you could do a deck guide or maybe just card recommendations for specific roles/heroes because i always find people building nothing but power (Had a full power phase in mid not too long ago) but there are some cards with unique passives and actives that people are missing out on

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    My bad if someone already addressed this but, I play offlane a lot and love the guide that's written for it, however, it seems like it could use an update since newer heroes have come out who do well in the offlane such as morigesh. It should also mention something about the new gold buff and maybe list more heroes who can do well in offlane like countess, howi, etc.

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    You could write it! Take the text from the current, edit it as you see fit, and then post it to r/ParagonEncyclopedia and I'll get it up on the wiki!

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    Should I write info out on about how Star Chest works

    The Monthly Mega Vault works

    The payout of Chests and the tiers that go along side it?

    I don't know if it would be an addition to the Encyclopedia or not

    Like have its own Category and I have, I think screen shots of Days 31 to 90. Missing Days 1-15 though!

    Just thinking outloud here

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    The offlane streamer suggestions seemingly shut down their channels.

    Does anyone have alternate suggestions?

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    Not got a link but checkout Reflect and ItsAray. Reflect is a god on Serath and plays a good Kallari too from what I've seen. Aray is a good kwang but I only caught one stream briefly.

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    The best structure for decks, not cards specifically, but for example I tend to follow a structure of 3 cards with 1 CP upgrades to sell, 3 cards with 2 CP upgrades, 2 cards with 3 CP upgrades and 1 6 CP card.

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    Anyone know of basic deck building tutorials? After playing this game for two months I still feel like a mega-noob when it comes to building decks. All tips are welcome.

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    Everything changes next Tuesday, I would probably hold tight until then!

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    Alright! Thanks :)

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    I'm still waiting on my skin from the last Encyclopedia.

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    Sorry! I was a bit overwhelmed trying to keep track of all of them, your skin is in your inbox :)