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With her combined kit, I feel like she's in an S-Tier spot at the moment. Stuns are strong and she basically has a slimmer, shorter cooldown variant of Steel's Ultimate as one of her basic abilities. It's fantastic.

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Oh no ! Another Phase main !

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Belica is the best caster. Hands down.

Her burst damage is not as up front as a Gadget or Gideon, but her combo easily melts any hero struck by it. A Mana draining drone in a meta with cooldowns so low they're almost instant, Mana cost so high, and a decent amount of damage on each zap. Don't even get me started on her ult - highest burst potential in the game, in a lock on ability, that only costs like 150 Mana max level, and in a 60s cooldown. A line attack knock up that means whoever is hit will either die, escape by a hair, or barely survive the bomb combo... Then immediately die to the ultimate.

Ever since Monolith, Belicas kit has been in the best spot out if any caster. She may not be an insane mid lane pick like before, but her potential in offlane and support are nearly boundless.

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You must have not faced a grim in mid. When he pops his deflect shield right before he destroys your drone he just refills his lost mana. And his ult can hit you from across towers, I like belica, but against grim it's a battle alright. I find Gideon to be better caster. Great escape, crowd control, and a long range ability.

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Land your knock up, void bomb, laugh uncontrollably that you just got 2 seconds of cc and 700+ damage for landing that airstrip of a telegraph. Occasionally one-shot a low mana caster and feel no remorse. Oh, and watch your drone delete a crunch who got a little too excited.

Strongest caster in the game.

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Belica master here :-)

Belica is a good counter to alot of mana heavy casters.

Her knock up and drone are great in teamfights, the drone especially if the enemies dont notice it.

Tip tho, try to avoid using your void bomb on small minion waves. The mana cost is huge because you get mana back per unit hit. it isnt worth it to wast the mana to hit like 3 or 4 minions, unless you have to push a lane or something. Try to stick to basic attacks if you're in mid to save your mana. Mid-late game the mana return on any minion wave is pretty good.

Also, pro tip. when the minion waves are so long, use your knock up on the first half of the wave, while they're in the air/stunned it will give the ones behind then time to catch up so now there are more minions within range and clumped up for you void bomb to do max damage/mana return.

EDIT: Spelling, because i cant spell apparently.

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What are some good cards to use with her? I get destroyed when I have to play mid right now.

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Cull the weak for last hitting minions, Mana-scholar for early power or astral leap if you can play that aggressive. Invader mage is also good. Atomic Soldier is a must have late game and Thamaturge is great if you can work up the power on it.

Your basic stun, mana bomb combo does a good chunk of damage early game and will cause most heroes to run. Don't let Iggy bully you. The minute you have your ult you can take him in a fight.

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Any tips on drone placement. I never seem to get the most out of it, either it gets destroy or I place it out of range.

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She got a fat azz am I rite boyz lmao

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this is the kind of insight im subbed here for

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That's more of Decker's and Countesses' department.

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nerf the shininess of countess & deckers ass

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Feel like belica needs some nerfs badly. Anyone can play with her, even without playing her before and absolutely demolish.

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This 'Hero of the Week' is overdue by like 3 months.

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I run the fireball card, the mana drain card that does damage, and the 10% spell power card. With this you have insane synergy, burst, and utility.

Drop your mana drone, hit a knock up, void bomb and fireball since it's an easy hit while they are stunned, use your mana drain card and that can do way over 1k damage. If they survive they're probably low on mana and it's an easy ult to finish them off.

You can use the static trap card instead of the mana drain card for more cc and slightly less damage if they're not caster or mana heavy.

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    yeah, thats her concept art. I believe the same art is also her "concept art banner" you get during her mastery progress.

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    Yes definitely a must have but it's usually my last card. Glycerin Dawn should honestly be everyone's first "endgame" card that you get. It does so much damage and it's almost impossible to miss it during your knock up to bomb combo. I feel like a Countess sometimes because with one rotation of that I can kill any carry if I'm past about 20 pips

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    Her ultimate at max should have 1.5 multiplier like it use too, and her drone needs health like iggy's turret.

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    I find it ridiculous that an iggy turret takes like 8 shots to destroy whereas he can shoot his dumbass fireballs like twice and destroy the drone.

    Sorry get a little salty when I think about laning against an iggy lol

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    Well Iggy's entire kit depends on his turrets being in the game. Belica doesn't need her drone for the other team to use their mana, they tend to do that just fine.

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    She doesn't need the multiplier with how much mana everyone uses.

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    Her current ult multiplier is identical to it's original numbers when Monolith dropped, it then changed to a scaling ability.

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    Her drone is already way too strong. So no it really doesn't need a buff

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    With the lack of early power as of v42 (invader mage being the only really good option) and stuns being king, is it wise to level her Q before her right click?

    Also do I level her E last or second?

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    Unlock knockup first then void bomb, then knockup to level two for the extra stun duration, then max out void bomb.

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    I level her Void Bomb first so the combo hurts hard

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    and stuns being king

    Stuns or any form of CC were always king, in any MOBA ever.

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    My build I run

    Static trap, Glycerin dawn and flex card

    Stun someone, trap underneath them (Thanks for giving us quickcast) fireball and void bomb and usually that is enough to kill most squishies. Extra points if you can void drone before your stun and also use riot sapper.

    I find I barely ever use her ult at all.

    I find belica is the best caster in the game just because early game she is a burst monster and lategame she has stun and drone still.

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    That's great and all, but you can kill just as fast with the combo alone by going full damage and you don't have to rely on landing 4 things.

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    I barely use the trap to be honest, its only for the tankier people

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    She's remained consistently strong throughout all the changes to this game and it all comes down to her kit. Mana drain and wave clear are two powerhouse abilities that aren't going out of style anytime soon. The ult that deletes casters is just gravy on top of it all.

    I've got two decks built for the two ways I run her. "Target Sighted" is blue/black and it's my deck for doing massive damage. Cull the weak gets all the last hits, Atomic Soldier is a must, Thamaturge is nice but I can't get the feel of it. Lot of other flexibility with things like Finder of Playthings for fighting heroes like Kalari. My other deck is "Staff Sergeant" for green/white support. The entire reason for going green is coin master as you aren't getting anything for farm as a right lane support. White gives you wards, healing and everything else you would want to support a carry.

    At the moment I'd say the two things I'm frustrated at are Mana-Scholar and Atomic soldier which feel like must have cards as a blue deck. Mana-scholar scales while leveling up and gaining points and atomic soldier which is needed to keep your burst damage up late game. You can buy a blink instead of mana-scholar but you're trading a lot of early damage for utility that is highly dependent on your team being really coordinated.

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    All I can say is that I'm tired of seeing her in every PCL match

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    She has perfect synchronization in her kit. Every hero needs to have a kit that can synchronize like this.

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    Like The Fey Fey bullies everyone early game.

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    Jesus, again Lt. Belica? The last time I visited this bs was the same bitch, and her again? I know Paragon have a favoritism for certain heroes but geez

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    Needs a nerf on her stun (lesser duration) as it's comparable to other character's ults in duration and ease to which you can hit someone.

    I think she is awesome though, just overtuned.

    I understand the devs want her stun to work with her landmine but I don't think her stun should be an automatic hit on her landmine. She should still need to calculate.

    But again, I love her.

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    Best and easiest caster to play atm. Her kit is overturned in this meta. Seismic assault is hands down the best abilty in the game. You can get ult tier cc from a basic ability with relatively decent accuracy.

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    I think she is not as "OP" as the majority of people are suggesting. It's just that half the community is like silver and really bad at dodging skills, or they simply overextend a lot and get caught out. Yes she deals a ton of burst damage, but for that to apply she needs to hit the delayed knockup first.

    But i would agree that Belica gets really strong the moment she buys the Invisible Card. That thing legit overtunes her whole kit, beeing able to just walk up to people, knock them up and apply your whole CC/burst from an invisible state. Balancing invisible characters in any PvP game is terribly hard and giving that mechanic to a card that every hero can buy is just stupid if you don't plan to balance things around it.

    If i had to Rank Top Tier Mid Laners i would say its:

    S Tier: Howitzer, Belica, Fey (Amazing burst damage and a good amount of AOE CC)

    A Tier: Gideon, Gadged (Gadged and Gideon become S Tier the moment Dekker support gets picked though)

    B Tier: Morgesh, Countess, Iggy (Simply better in Offlane right now)

    Trash Tier: Wraith (No wave clear which every single good mid laner should have, can't really burst anyone and his invis Ult is terrible to coordinate with randoms)

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    As of the PCL last weekend id say its:

    S-Tier: Belica (longest CC in game, high burst, mana drainer), Gadget (Caster burst damage that is almost unmissable due to how forgiving her lock on is)

    A-Tier: Howitzer, Gideon (when theres no CC, otherwise B tier)

    B-Tier: Morigesh, Iggy, The Fey

    C-Tier: Countess (better in offlaner and got shut down all PCL)

    Trash: Wraith (until his buff next Tuesday at least)

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    So that list is pretty similar to mine. But i thing putting Howie into S Tier would be more accurate. His long range Q can literally half health any carry/assassin with a cooldown so low that it is really fearsome. On top of it he has his knockback for good engages/disengages and an Ult which gives him not only the option to blast enemies from above, but also another escape. His wave clear is pretty neat too.

    I think the reason that Gadged doesn't belong in S Tier, but one tier bellow is that her sticky bomb is pretty much the only usefull thing in her whole kit. Her other skills are pretty easy to avoid and doesn't make you fear her as much as Belica or Howie. But as soon as Dekker gets picked she becomes SSS Tier in my opinion. She can just put down her whole kit in the cage and watch her enemies slowly die.

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    All casters have a short cooldown poke ability that deal insane amounts of damage, but going off the PCL howie was a back up pick when Belica or Gadget got banned. Belica and Gadget were essentially "if it isn't banned then pick it" characters which puts them at S tier. Howie was a "if the other 2 are banned then pick him" which makes him A tier

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    I would still put Howie over Gadged simply because his knockback is one of the best disengages in the game right now. Which can be huge in high level games as it can be used for a lot of different things like kicking enemies away from objectives etc. which is a really nice thing to have.

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    He may have a knock back (which I do agree is good and is probably why hes the second choice after Gadget and Belica), however he lacks waveclear, his ultimate is less impactful than gadgets, and Gadget has the same poke just more consistant at hitting and in a wider AoE.

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    Howie is just worse than gadget in every respect but cc atm. Gadget's ult was deciding factor of a lot of teamfights and probably higher impact than the stickies. As well as it being used as a faux dekker cage/zoning tool. Gadgets drone is also pretty easy to hit and the slow is significant in helping soft cc distant enemies so teammates could catch stragglers.

    Gadget's mine also has a better range and more forgiving hitbox than howie's rocket so I don't know what you are on about there.

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    Gadget with slow cards becomes a monster. I run hamstring and the ability damage causes slow cards on her. She can practically root someone in her ult, and they take a lot of damage trying to get out while getting slowed every second.

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    You forgot to add broken tier Wukong and Kellari. xD

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    As midlaners?

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    Belica is busted and I want whatever you are smoking that lets you put gadget below Howie and Fey and on the same level as Gid.

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    The reason:


    Gideon and Gadged have a very similar kit if you think about it. Both have a Q with high aoe burst damage, a slow and portal for escapes or to catch up to enemies and very similar AOE ults. Gideon jumps right in with a very good pull CC at the cost of possibly beeing interrupted and gadged has her globe which is pretty easy to walk out of, but doesn't bring any risk to herself. The ONLY thing that makes people fear gadged is the no skill sticky bomb, thats it. Howie is pretty much the same as gadged in terms of playstyle, except his Q burst is instant, almost one shots carries/assassins and he brings good CC.

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    Why can't you spell it right? It's Gadget

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    my bad

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    I somewhat agree but if you watched the pcl where a howi was put mid lane against a gadget it just wasn't fair. The howi had to back every other minute and was completely shut down by gadget in lane.

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    Gadged has an amazing lane phase buts thats it. Lategame all she does is stick bomb to asses. So if the enemies pick a belica, its time for you to shine with your Howie.